Thursday, April 29, 2010

Beary Basic Sale and Giveaway!

Update: We just added another dress to the sale: I love the bright colors in this dress, perfect for summer.

This style is called the "Orange Paisley"

Back by popular demand!

(many of you have asked where I get all the girls dresses. Also many of you have emailed and asked if we can run another sale or contest......well the people at Beary Basics are willing to do a sale and giveaway!!!)

just for YOU!

*Beary Basics*

is now offering a summer sale for Don't Blink readers
 week only!.....

Sale ends May 5th!

Hurry place your orders, these dresses are limited to availability!

Sz: 12mo to 6x


reg. price $48.00 plus shipping

$25.00 (including shipping!)

This dress is called the "Coral Floral"

available in open back or sundress with ties on both shoulders. (note baby jumper is sold out)

This style is called the "Water Lily"

with cute sleeves, tie in the back and a ruffle at the bottom.

This style is called "White Rose"

note: baby jumper is sold out!

and I think they named this dress after Farrah...
This style is called "Wild Child"

The dress on the left is called "Brown Rose"

Beary Basics dresses can be found at high end boutiques around the U.S. You may have seen them in some major department stores or in your favorite magazine.

dresses are made in USA %100 cotton

great quality!

I've been a big fan of Beary Basics for over 5 years!

Way before FB was even around.

Become a Facebook fan of Beary Basics here!

My girls love their clothes because they are cute and comfy! I LOVE to dress them in Beary Basics dresses too....can you tell? or how about here..or at the park or how about dressing them up for a party or every Easter, when we go on vacation to SD. Yep! Love their dresses:)

FYI:they only go up to 6x (Faith wears sz8-10 but I buy the 6x for her to wear with leggings) The girls also wear their dresses with leggings when they get too small for dresses.)

So how do you place an order from this blog post????

Easy...just email me at

(put Beary Basic in subject line!!!)

~leave your name

~which dress or dresses you want to order and the sizes

~your shipping address

I will send you a paypal link and the dress will be shipped out to you once payment is placed!

All who leave a comment letting me know you placed an order or became a fan of Beary Basics on FB will be placed in a drawing to win this dress! (by

Sale and contest ends May 5th!

well not this dress, but this print (which I love)

Loved it so much I bought 3 of them:)

Yes, you will see some marketing and PR sneak in once in awhile on my blog...

I'm thankful for the opportunities that have been coming our way.

Thank you for your continued support.

I think Playtex the makers of sippy cup need to give us a call...

What do you think?ha!

Happy Shopping!


Brianna said...

I am already of fan of Beary Basics. I think I might go in and get a few things from Stephanie so I can see her too :) But you can add me for the cute dress to win!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Absolutely Adorable! Wish I still had little girls.

:) :) :)

Aimie said...

I just spent way to much $$$ there last week!! Put me down to win another dress for Belle though. I am friends with them on facebook. Oh and if I go with you to pick up the dresses would I still get your discount? OOhh! Shopping and lunch? Call me!!

Anonymous said...

I am a fan of Beary Basics on FB and would love to win a free dress for little Addison! Thanks Bridget! P.S. I can't remember my google password!! Greeeat! This is Tina Gallaway

Joannah said...

Yes please add me to the contest. My Jordan would look adorable in that dress. I may have to email you too for one of sale dresses. Thank you!

Johnson Family said...

Those dresses are all so adorable...would love to win one!!!

Jennifer said...

I added Beary Basics as a FB Friend! Wow, these designs are super cute! I'd love to win a dress for my little Selah Grace.

So sad the baby bubble dresses are sold out - I love those!

Thanks so much!

Mommy2Layla said...

Just placed an order and became a fan! Cannot wait to get my dresses, thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Michelle ordered 2 dresses

Roberts Family said...

i am a fan of Beary Basics... She has adorable dresses! Put me in to win that adorable dress for Ella! Thanks Bridget =)

Anonymous said...

shannon 2 dresses

Angleicka said...

Sending you an order! Cute stuff!

The Gustafson Family said...

Duh!! I didn't realize that I could enter if I became a friend of Beary Basics. I thought I could only enter if I bought one!! DUH!!! Well I because a freind of Beary everything is crossed in hopes that I win!

Heather said...

These are SO cute!! I'm a fan of Beary Basics on facebook. I would love to win one for Brynlee :)

Kristal said...

I ordered a dress...hope I'm not too late;)

The Nielsens said...

I hope I'm not too late either! I just sent in my order. It's still May 5th here in California. ;) I just became a fan of Beary Basics on FB too. Thank you!

Leah Nielsen said...

I ordered a dress yesterday. I hope you got my order...cute dresses!