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I wrote this post in March of last year and thought I'd share it again.

The topic of why we homeschool came up and I'm so glad I took the time to write down my thoughts......
A friend and I were talking about our kids being the light in public schools.
Do I keep my kids in a "Christian bubble" or should I let them go out into the schools and be the light???
Here's my thoughts on it.....(thoughts in comments as well)

after I share a few silly pictures I took of Finley tonight!

the family clowns!

My silly 20 month old!

She either mad dogs the camera or gives me this silly smile.

ok, onto my post............


You know I have to sneak in these types of post once in awhile:)

I get asked almost every day: So Why Do you Homeschool?

As if in two sentences I could tell you what is in my heart and soul.
As if in three minutes I would lay out my deepest emotions and bare my spirit to your curiosity.
What's your intent? Do you really want to know?

We homeschool because we believe strongly in it.

There. Easy, Comfortable enough.. I smile and move on....

Well today I was asked, What the hell are you doing homeschooling? I just have to know.
Yep,those were the words...

Ok, you want the real answer? I'm not sure you do, you see the real answer takes time, time to listen, and time to love and understand me. The real truth
is not so comfortable. It exposes my deepest beliefs and longings for my children, and may force you to look harder than you want to at your own decisions.

A child’s mind is so fresh and new, ready to be impressed by whoever is raising them. My husband and I want our children to grow up with our morals, values, and standards. So why would we want to give our children over to the government or to society to raise, teaching them their standards, morals, beliefs, and consciences? Just saying... you really wanted to know right?

My question is to you why don't you homeschool? Fair enough I ask you right?

You don't have time, you have to have two incomes, and your personality clashes with your child. You would never have the patience. You would not know where to start. You believe that children should have social lives. To you my response is the same as before.

We homeschool because we believe strongly in it.

Strongly enough that we will do what we believe is best. Not a surface best, not the easiest, most comfortable best, not what we want to be best, but the best that comes from deep, soul-searching conviction. The best that stands strong in the face of judgment, criticism, and misunderstanding. The best that is willing to go through anything.
I often wonder is it judgment or just curiosity? Or are you actually interested?

Oh,you are interested great...let us sit down. I'd love to talk. This may take a few minutes.
Austin is busy making a rocket, Faith is practicing violin and the three younger ones are let's chat!

You see, our vision of learning is different. We do not believe that learning is confined to the school building and consists of stuffing facts into brains for the prescribed amount of time. We happen to think that learning is 24/7, and that knowing how to find the information you need is more important. Learning should be focused on what the child is interested in. Not that children should only study what they like, but every aspect of learning can be of interest.

Everyone learns in different ways and at different rates. A child should be challenged at his level and in his direction without having to follow the demands that everyone learn at the same speed and by the same methods.

We want our children to have time to be children. Growing up is not meant to consist of spending five days a week away from home being raised by others. We did not sign up for weekend children, or to be part-time parents. We are not coparents with the government or anyone else. Spending time on the bus, at school, and doing homework, there is no time during the week to just be children. You see there's 7-8 hour days, then there's music lessons, sports or Little League,Scouts, dance/gymnastics, church and youth group, and a myriad of other activities commanding our time and attention. We want our children to have time to play, to create, to have down time, and—most importantly— time to be a family.
Yes, my children are responsible and have chores too!

Are you sorry you asked? I have more. You are now committed to hearing my heart, so hang on a little longer.

Life is flexible for us. When it is a good time for a vacation, we can take one. If something special causes us to be up late, we can sleep in the next morning. Having a big family, I think homeschooling just fits in. I think it causes me to be more relaxed. Seriously!

We know our children. We know what makes them tick, what their learning styles are, what they are interested in, and what motivates them. We are attuned to what the Holy Spirit is directing for their lives. What do others know of that? What could they possibly know of what is good, or best for our children? Why would we give someone else the most precious things in our lives, living human beings who are vulnerable and unprotected, to raise, teach, and mold into their images? Whose image do you want your children molded into? Because if you think that it will be your image or God’s image, then think again. You cannot mold a child into the image you believe God has for them within the first five years of their lives. Many people do not even have that; they send their children off to nursery school or preschool from three months of age, on. Unless you homeschool, once a child hits kindergarten they are no longer yours to raise. The time spent with them is so limited.

A friend once asked if she could come over and watch us "do" homeschooling. I laughed and suggested that she move in with us for a few days. For my family, homeschooling is more of a lifestyle than an activity.

I love it and wouldn't want to raise my children any other way. We have a good time. We enjoy each other and we are relaxed and content. Our days flow along pleasantly and happily. (most days) We laugh a lot! Humor ranks high in our household. Trust, love, and responsibility are in the atmosphere, not something that must be taught. Acceptance, diversity, consequences, and flexibility are the norm. Life in our house is good because it flows through a canopy of love, trust, and acceptance.
I've been accused of being.... Overprotective. If shielding our children from harsh reality until they are emotionally mature and have a strong foundation is being overprotective, then yes, Yes we are very overprotective!!!!

So why do we homeschool? It’s hard to say. I guess it’s just because we love our children.
I have many friends who are ps teachers (great ones at that)who I go to for help.. and many friends who's children attend ps. I've noticed most of my readers are teachers. Thoughts???
You asked, I'm just sayin!
Again, posting in love!


Melissa said...

Hi Bridget! I am a public school teacher and would give it up in a heart beat to spend more time with my own children! You're lucky to be able to homeschool. I admire you!

Huse Yo Mama said...

Bridget, this was beautiful. If you don't mind, I'd like to link this page on my blog.

Ice Queen said...

Well said!

Justin and Jenn said...

I really can't wait to homeschool my children. As a former high school English teacher & my husband is a public school math teacher, we would never put our children in public schools. We see the red-tape that gets in the way of kids actually learning. I think you're right- learning is a process & not confined to the 50 minute class period for each subject. I believe in an all inclusive learning process. As always...loved your post!

debbie said...

I am so proud of you! The wisdom you show comes from the Lord Himself. He does intrust those precious children to you and He does expect us to train them up in His ways. His word is full of how to instruct our children. He tells us to teach them about Him first and His ways and when they are old they will not depart from Him. It will not profit them if they gain the knowledge of the world and miss out on the knowledge of Him. In the end all that will matter is what we have done for Him. God Bless you and Justin for being faithful to what He has called you to do. Love, Mom

Shalay said...

I love this post! I work in a public school, and every day I see things that make me say, "I never want my child to go through this." Not to bash public schools or anything, because I personally had a great experience growing up, but I think it is majorly flawed. I agree with you that there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to the education process.

It's too bad we live in a society with such judgmental and ignorant people. People are always so quick to offer their harsh opinions on homeschooling, and in most cases they've never been exposed to it in their lives. I'm sorry you feel the need to explain yourself and the choices you make for your family, time and time again. It must get tiring. - And just so you know, you have totally opened my eyes to homeschooling in a whole new way. It is something I will definitely look into when I have children someday.

Brittany said...
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Brittany said...

Yeah! I found your blog through Huse Yo Mama. As a former public school teacher...I couldn't agree more with you. I have always said that the "x" factor in students achieving in public schools is parent involvement. What could be better than homeschooling? I have many friends say, "Well, I want my child to be social." What kind of question is that? Why is our main concern for our children about being social? Our main concern should be our children's morals, values and well being.
Thanks for sharing your heart! :)

The Beaver Bunch said...

I am SO glad that you became a "follower" of my blog b/c now I HAVE FOUND YOURS!

What an incredible blessing! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post and lemme just tell you (b/c I'm here and I'm gonna anyway)...

I had THE MOST frustrating week with homeschooling. Almost to the point where I began to google "preschools."

Then, very tenderly, the Lord reminded me what is best isn't always what is easy.

This post, so eloquently, confirmed that God knows my struggles, sees my frustrations and wants me to persevere.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Coming from a future public school teacher...

If you know in your heart that you have made the right decision for you and your family, then don't ever let anyone make you feel like you need to defend your lifestyle.

I am becoming a teacher because I want to reach out to ALL children, but mostly because I want to help those that need it the most. Yes, I will be working in "government institution" but we live in America and that is reality.

Fortunately, your kids will grow up living a much, much better life than lots of children will ever know and that is because of a decision you and your husband thought carefully about. You are inspiring. I'm hoping in your spare time you are writing a book... =)

Cassidy said...

I really admire your choice in homeschooling. I agree whole heartedly with you about saving family time, teaching based around your own children's styles/interests and protecting their little hearts. I would actually be really interested in finding out some of your favorite curriculum choices and what helped your family get started! And I taught in public school, like someone else said. Too much red tape!

Robin and Stephen said...

Bridget! Way to tell them! =) I must admit before I met my husband I was also confused about homeschooling. I always thought while growing up that homeschooling deprived the child of friends, participating in athletics, and didn't give them the experience they would need for college (testing, time frames for assignments, etc.). I also believed that they had it super easy. Well, when I met my husband and his family of 8 my beliefs of homeschooling totally changed! My eyes were open to a whole new world of education! I love that they are so close to one another, have a great respect for their parents and are very educated. I began to see that they were connected to a community of other homeschooling families. They were able to participate in sports, etc. But my greatest love for homeschooling is how much their love for God is. And no a public school isn't going to encourage a relationship with Christ.

Because my husband didn't attend public school he may have missed proms/dances, a schedule and other stuff of this sort, but he also missed out on all of the negatives that public school offered. Being tempted to go to this party, having a girl friend, being left behind on a certain subject etc. So needless to say I have a great respect for the parents who homeschool the "right" way. Growing up I knew of some parents who homeschooled by leaving their child at home to do their homework while they were out working.

Sounds like to me that you are doing a wonderful job! Your children are such rounded individuals already and I love reading about your days! You have given me a great deal of ideas for teaching my children someday! Go Supermom! =)

Texas Slowpoke said...


Can I print out your post and hand it to the next person who ask "why do you homeschool?" :)

Thank you for your post.

I would like to link to it on if you don't mind.

In Him,

kelliebean said...

What a wonderful post! You put into words what I feel in my heart.

I quit teaching public school last year to homeschool our kids. The money's a whole lot tighter, but this was, without a doubt, the best decision we ever made for our family.

Homeschool Dawn said...

Hi Bridget. I am a former public school teacher and wife of a current public school teacher who homeschools. I love what you wrote. Very well said.
My husband teaches and I taught in the public schools b/c it is the calling on our lives... a mission to reach these kids for Christ.
However, we homeschool because we want our children "socialized" first to the family and to the church. We'll let them deal with the world when they're more prepared for it.

Sherry said...

Very well said! :)

Melissa said...

First of all, I have to say that I have been reading your blog for quite a while now and I love it! I agree with SOOOO many of your family's ideals (and since you have 5 kids as well, I can totally relate) and I have to comment that I LOVE your answer to homeschooling!!! I agree on so many levels! We get the "why the hell do you want to do that" SOOOO much and I try to be polite and just say that it works for our family, when like you said, there are actually 1001 reasons and no one actually really cares to hear about any of them. And in actuality, no matter what I do answer, most of the time, the response I get back is something along the lines of "I couldn't imagine having to spend all that time with my child-I celebrated the day I could send them off on the bus for 8 hours of freedom". Those kinds of responses make my heart sad. What a hardship it has been for me to enjoy all those extra precious moments of time with my children, watching them grow and learn right before my eyes. Yep, its been torture...

Funny enough, I went to college to be an educator and although I didn't particularily care for the "herd training" mentality that school can be, I thought there were more positives then negatives. I was sure that I would be the teacher that kids remembered-I would change their lives and influence their world/thinking. And then I had my own kids. Sunddenly, I was looking at my newborn and starting to deeply mourn the thought of having to send her away in 5 short years. I didn't want to pass on my parenting responsibilities to another adult once they hit the "magic age" of 5-I couldn't stand the thought of others teaching/influencing my children-and I suddenly had no desire to teach/influence a class of someone else's kids either. How could I, when God gave me all these beautiful children of my own...these little inqusitive, wide eyed souls that trusted in me and my husband to protect them and teach them and love them.

I am so grateful that my husband became more and more open to the idea of homeschooling at that time, to where now he is my equal partner (and co-teacher when he isn't busy working for our fmaily). My oldest is 5 right now and I can't imagine sending her off on her own in the world, but thats basically where she would have been if we hadn't decided to homeschool. My stomach still flip flops when thinking about it!! Now, instead of mourning those missed moments, our family is MAKING those precious moments in time-all the while loving, living and learning together! Now thats what homeschooling is all about! (haha, maybe I should print this and take it around with me when "the question" comes up again!) :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think homeschooling is a bad thing, I think it has it's benefits.

But for me, I will not homeschool my children. So many people are taking their Christian children out of school. But I strongly believe in having my children in school, to form relationships, and be a light for other lost people.

I believe my children need a mission field, apart from me. They need to learn to act out their faith, even if I am not there to correct them.

I learned throughout school, even in college, that at that time in my life, school WAS my mission field. My question for you, is where are your children serving Him, apart from you, other family, other Christians, or church?

Do they have the opportunity to act on THEIR faith, rather than the faith their parents?

Kallie said...

Thanks so much for sharing!!! I found your blog through Huse Yo Mama...what a beautiful family you have! I am a former public school teacher, but no stay home with my 1 year old son. I loved your post! Again, thanks for sharing! And keep up the good work!

Kristie's Kin said...

Oh my Goodness...this needs to be printed in a magazine...or the next excerpt in "So You're Thinking About Homeschooling". I think you poured out the heart of every homeschooling family! I felt invigorated after reading and I want to print it out and send it to every person I know! In fact, I think I may have to print this out (if you don't mind) and just give it to the next person who asks me that question. Or better yet...I'll just ask them..Got about an hour to sit and listen? Cuz you're can something we dovote our heart, energy, thoughts, & life to be summed up in a 2 minute response??? I'm almost finishing up my 5th year and still LOVE LOVE LOVE that my kids are so happy and peaceful. It has not been easy every day of the year...but the more we persevere and press through the stronger I get as a homeschool mom..and the more it makes me research and tailor things to fit us while we're on our journey. I could of used this post over 5 years ago when I was getting slammed by a table of women who were choosing not to understand me and thought I was crazy...that my kids were'nt going to learn and keep up with the standards...all this while trying to have a relaxing ladies night out scrapbooking. I went home almost in tears. But now I am a stronger person not afraid to graciously share my views.

Loni's World said...

Although I think it was awesome of you to explain yourself and I love that you shared your story that was not needed.

They are YOUR children and no one can tell you how to raise them. WHO CARES what anyone else has to say. Why is is any of their business? What makes them entitled to know about your life in that detail?

With all this crap happening in the school system right now regarding abuse and violence. It's getting worse, because people stopped fighting. Maybe once they realize everyone pulled their kids out of school they will jump in and do something about it.

Keep your head high, people are quick to put down those they are jealous of. ;)

Amanda said...

I, too, enjoyed this post. I'm just getting started in homeschooling with my two preschoolers. I also work for public school (part-time now) and have seen the confusion on many faces about my decision. Thanks for a good post.

As for what to say to people when they ask why we homeschool, my husband has decided to just say "So our kids don't get lice." ;-)

Lucky Irish Gal said...

That was perfect. Couldn't have said it better if I tried.

Lucky Irish Gal said...

You got a blogger award at

janenes said...

I appreciate reading why you homeschool. . .but know that it is a personal decision for everyone. I have been teaching for the past 12 years at a public school because it is what I feel I was called to do. Working three periods a day so that I can spend more time with my 3 and 5 year olds has made it such a blessing.

My daughter attends kinder at the local public elementary school, and while her educational experience has been fantastic thus far--I too have stepped back and reassessed our options, unsure about some of the social aspects, or one size fits all mentality.

I recently had her tested for the catholic school I went too, and she was accepted. However, I am on the fence about that as well-your post came at a good time in our lives--one in which we are at a crossroads--definitely gave me yet another option to consider, one I really hadn't given a whole lot of thought to. Thanks for sharing!

Margaux Achee said...

You are so inspiring or maybe convicting lol. I understand everything you say about the reasons for homeschooling. I homeschooled last year and I loved it in so many ways but also spent so much of that time completely overwhelmed. I have my 2 oldest ages 9 and 6 in public school this year and I tell myself it is okay because we live in a very small town where children are younger and kinder then other places and they have great teachers. Homeschooling is always something in my mind. I I just need to trust and lean more on God to give me strength, paitence and wisdom with homeschooling. I wish I lived closer to you so I could learn about how your daily homeschooling goes. I guess reading your blogs will have to do. Thanks for the great post!

Natalia said...

I came across your blog a while ago and have never commented before. But I wanted to say that I admire that you have taken the time to figure out what works for your family, you follow through with it, and you do not let anyone tell you otherwise. I think that this is one major thing that is missing in the world today, parents who care enough to take the time to make things work and put aside other things that may not be quite as important as they currently think they are.

Anonymous said...

It seems like your are knocking the public school system but it seem to work for you and your husband!!! And made you who you are today.

Bridget said...

Thank you everyone! Wasn't sure how this would come across, thank you for the positive comments! I'm learning to just speak what's on my heart. I thank God he's opened my eyes to homeschooling because I was So against it. I've had a journal that I often write thoughts in. These are some of the thoughts from the last year. I've been a Christian all my life...backsliden, then rededicated but just in the past yr I have really grown. Most of these Why??? 's are from people that knew me in the "past-backsliden days". No wonder haha! I think I will print this for future Why's (good idea)...Although, I like the lice answer (that's a good one) Please know that I do not look down upon or judge anyone who decides to send their children to private or public school. It is a personal decision. I just was sharing why "we" homeschool. I don't mean to sound like I'm knocking the public schools. I know their are hard working people involved. I have family involved...
To answer the Anonymous question:
My question for you, is where are your children serving Him, apart from you, other family, other Christians, or church?

Do they have the opportunity to act on THEIR faith, rather than the faith their parents?

I am 1 of 4 kids and I was raised a Christian. My parents couldn't afford to send us all to private school. We were in public school and were "suppose" to be the "light" however from my experience and the experience of my siblings and other "lights" was that Christian youth is highly influenced by the unsaved youth and their subculture. Just look at the facts. Normally it is not the Christian students who are doing the most to promote Christian values among unsaved students, rather it's the unsaved youth who are doing the most to destroy the morals of the Christian students.
I do believe we need Christians everywhere! I am so happy that their are good Christian teachers who are in the public schools. I just don't feel my children are ready to be sent out to change the world and evangelize to the lost just yet. I believe youth between five and eighteen are the mission field. They THEMSELVES need to be discipled and build up with the power of God's Word before they are thrown in to the dangers and pressures of the world.
I've seen too many friends walk away from their faith and I am not willing to take that chance.

My children do have their faith tested and they are not in a bubble of just "Christians."
I also do not like what the public school has to teach. I've read the text books. I don't feel Christian children should be in a system opposed to Christ and the Gospel. The current schools are openly hostile to Christ, but tolerant of all other world religions.

For years Christian parents have been sending their children to public schools because they were going to make a difference in the local school systems, you know pray around the flag pole...yet how many schools do you know of that are changing their curriculum for a more moral and Godly one because Christian youth have "evangelized" the schools? How many schools have sought to improve their curriculum, making them more Christ-centered because of the influence of the Christian youth in the school?How many schools have returned to a Christ-centered Christmas? How many schools are teaching the youth to pray for their teachers and their nation?
I think us Christians need to wake up and and not be so naive. I believe my children are strong in their faith but still not ready to minister.
I've heard this said before:
Even after David the little shepherd boy killed Goliath, he returned to shepherding, not a public ministry.
whew...feels good to get it off my chest...can you tell I feel strongly about this LOL!
again posting in LOVE:)

Aleta said...


Next time someone asks why we homeschool I'm just going to refer them to your post! :D

Dawn said...

Thank you so much for sharing your heart. You spoke mine perfectly.

Heather of the EO said...

My boys are super small now, but I think about homeschooling a lot. I broached the subject with a teacher friend recently and she said, "Don't apologize for thinking about that, you could teach your kids what I teach a classroom a day in about two and a half hours, just imagine the possibility!" And I believe that's just the beginning, just the tip of the iceberg about what's good about homeschooling. But here's my question...

What if I have ADD tendencies...I'm scattered and all over the place. I don't know that I could stay on task. I'm a bit like a child, that's what I'm telling you. Should I still take on something that requires me to have at least SOME form of focus?

(um, name is Heather and I came over here from "Huse blog is this anyway?" Nice to meet you!)

Simply Blessed said...

I say whatever works for your family go for it!!! You should be passionate about your children, and if homeschooling works best, then that is best!! Other people and their opinions don't matter, you know?? Sometimes it's hard... people can be so judgemental. But let me tell you.... when people talk about homeschooling and the kids having no social skills, ect. I stand right up and argue until the end. Using you and your kids as a huge example. Your kids are smart, socialized, God loving little ones so obviously God is doing amazing work through their Mommy :) Keep it up! xoxo

The Achee Family said...

Your amazing and I really believe homeschooling comes natural for you. Your kids could not have a better teacher throughout their school years than you. You have something to be very proud of.

Anonymous said...

I really hope you don't raise your children solely to "spread the word" this day and age people have their own minds, their own beliefs and we need to be willing to embrace everyone's differences. Whether that means they are some other religion or don't believe in religion at all. I think it would benefit your children greatly to be exposed to children who are raised in different households. I grew up in a great Christian home, but I was exposed to many religions and cultures. Anyone different than me or my family just opened my eyes to the world around me. All I am trying to say is...please don't make your children impose their views on others. They might end up becoming ostracized once they are exposed to the real world and they are too intelligent and beautiful for that to happen.

The 4 Moore's said...

I have been reading your post for a few months now, I found it from your friend Taleah, who goes to my church.
I just have to say that it is because of your blog I am actually considering homeschooling. I am just at the point of starting to think of what to do. I have a 31 mo. old boy and a 16 mo. old. girl. I really do not like even just the social aspect of the public schools, it makes my skin crawl to think of what my babies might learn there and be corupted with. I do believe that public school is good for some and then not for others. That goes for most things in life though too.
My son actually has speech delay and we have a teacher, from the Regional Center, who comes to the house 2 days a wk to work with him. He is doing great now but has a hard time socializing with other kids. He tends to be aggressive when he gets really excited and also when he gets upset. He is a "sensitive" little guy. What scares me is that what public school teacher is going to want to or have time to sit and figure him out and how to get through to him and teach him and understand his personal little quirky needs. Not only that but when we had our children I quit working to avoid putting them in daycare where someone elses morals and values would be taught to them. So why then does that importance change when they enter school age?
You have helped me, through reading your blog, to realize that that should not change and that actually it is when they get older and their little precious minds and hearts actually start learning that they are most delicate!
Thank You Bridget. I would love to learn more about homeschooling. If in whatever ever free time you might possibly get you could give me some resouorces to look into as far as what to do to prepare for homeschooling and just whatever I would need to know (what to do for different gaes and if there are laws or whatever) I would greatly greatly appreciate it!
You Rock! Keep on blogging and posted cute cute pics of those angels!

Mrs. C said...

Beautiful and wise post.

These are the very reasons we chose to homeschool our children.

These are the very reasons, that we chose not to live on dual incomes, and for me to come home.

We knew that God gave these children to us, and that He expected us to be the ones to love, train, and disciple their little hearts, not someone else.

When someone states that their children will be in PS to be a light, and disciple others, I am quick to point out the ages of the MEN Jesus called to disiple others. One must have a strong foundation, before being sent out.

Anonymous said...

At what point do children have a "strong enough foundation" to be "sent out?" Do they turn 18, and then all of a sudden, they are ready? For my children, we talk each day, when they get home, about the people in their classes. We pray for them each night.

My oldest daughter invited her un-churched, nonbelieving friend to church, and the little girl came along with us. She continued to go, and in a few weeks became a follower! She still attends with us to this day!

What if my too-young-to-be-sent-out-daughter hadn't spoken up about what she believes? That precious little girl wouldn't have found Jesus.

In seeing this, I have a hard time placing an age with when children are ready to minister. Did Christ not say to have child-like faith?

I was brought to Christ, also, by a friend in Middle School. We were 12. She was also a too-young-to-be-sent-out-girl, and yet she brought the Light to me. What if other Christian children were left in schools to do so?

By staying involved with your child's life, EVEN if they are in public school, you are still building a strong foundation. If the system exposes them to other theories of creation, or whatnot, discuss them. Ask question, and LISTEN to what your child has to say about it. Read Scripture, and see what the Bible has to say about the matter.

The problem with public school comes when parents stop being involved in the education of their children. Public school doesn't lead children astray, unless the parents are uninvolved and uninterested in what the child is learning.

As for me, I LOVE that my children have exposure to other people, cultures, faiths, theories, and circumstances that, if I homeschooled, I would not be able to present them with. It opens up doors to what's out there, and also gives me, the parent, the opportunity to help them see why it is SO important for them to be a Light, and why Jesus is the ONLY One who can save!

All this to say, I am a firm believer in public/ private schooling! But I also loved your post on why homeschooling is so so so dear to your heart! It makes so much sense, and I am so glad it is working for your family, and so many others! It is so awesome how God leads us all to do different things, and gives us the conviction to stay in His will, even if others disagree with it. So you keep fighting for homeschool! It is evident that you are doing jut as you have been called!

Bridget said...

A~ that's awesome your daughter was able to bring someone to Christ. That just happens to be a very small percentage of cases. You should be proud. Maybe your daughter is very mature in her walk with the Lord for her age. I'm just saying most children who attend school the percentage of them being influenced is high.

Twisted Cinderella said...

I am going to reveal a little something that I haven't revealed on my blog yet and won't for a little while yet, but I am going to be homeschooling as soon as this year is over. Princess Belle has 54 days left of her Public School Career.

There are so many reasons why. Every day something happens and Prince Charming and I will look at each other and say, "See that is reason number 47 why we are starting homeschooling."

For me, I am going to be homeschooling because I truly feel that Princess Belle's ADHD difficulties are making her get left behind the others in school. She is a LOT of work to educate and she frustrates her teachers on a regular basis. They all agree that she wants to learn, that she tries hard, she just can't handle trying to concentrate in a big classroom environment. She needs one on one attention and at home I can do that. I get so much further at home with her than her teacher does at school. I understand her and how her mind works.

I never thought I would homeschool, but as with all things as a mom, I do what it takes to give my girls the best start in life I can.

I would like to note that there are parts of her personality that don't fit in when she is in school that I don't want to change. She is completely unique and wonderful and I can work with that instead of against it.

I don't need her to be like everyone else, I just want her to be the best her she can be but also an educated her. I just feel like in school the things about her that are unique are the things that they would like to stamp out, to make her fit into that square mold. And over time some of these things may alienate her from the kids in her class.

Sorry for the long-winded response, but I felt like I would share.
Her friends know her and are accustomed to the way that she is, and they like her. But in a classroom setting, these things are so much more pronounced that I am worried she will start to feel bad about herself about how she is different. (I have seen it happening already. It breaks my heart.) These little things would in no way hamper her as an adult, don't hamper her when she is not in class, and I see nothing to be gained by making her feel bad or feel like she has to be like everyone else.

GrOwTh SpUrTs said...

I should have read this post first before the more recent post!! I commented on it not knowing that you said everything I would say (if given the opportunity of course) when asked about homeschooling! I am new to your blog and so far I am thoroughly impressed with how you present your case so to speak. I hate that we feel we have to do this at times, but well done. I am a homeschooling mama myself and now a reader of your blog. :) You have a BEAUTIFUL family and may God keep on blessin' your efforts to raise children who love Him!!

Cinnamon said...

Gee what could I add to all those wonderful comments and your beautiful post? I enjoyed reading it and have been asked many times, over the years, WHY? You expressed so well how I have felt every single time I'm asked. I am so glad that we can live in God's reality and not the worlds reality of how we raise our kids. Public schools may be the world's reality but they are not ours :-)


Carrie said...

This is so awesome! Thank you for taking the time to put into words what is in the heart of so many homeschooling moms. I too believe you should write a book!

Anonymous said...

You are so right. My oldest 2 children went to public school (my oldest until he was a junior in high school and the other through 6th grade). I watched as everything we ever taught them corroded away. We homeschool our youngest 2 now (the oldest is in college). I regret ever allowing them to step foot in the public school but at the time we did not realize that there were any other choices (other than private school that we could NEVER afford). I am so grateful that homeschool has become so commonplace (although still not readily accepted). There is no way that you can overcome the hours and hours every day that they are bombarded with apposing messages. Even if they have a great Christain teacher they still have to deal with the things that they are taught by their peers. Children can only be the light to those children when they are completely grounded in their faith. At such a young age they are still forming that faith, they are nowhere near grounded. And more times then not they will lose their faith instead of reaching anyone and bringing them to Christ.

The KD's said...

I am also a teacher! I teach third grade at a public school. It is a job where I feel I can best serve Christ by impacting lots of children. I love reading your posts because of how authentic the learning is for your children.

Twisted Cinderella said...

I remember being so moved by this post when it was originally posted. And I am glad that I am now among those who homeschool. I would never change it and I know that my children and I will be on this journey together until they graduate from school.

Twisted Cinderella said...

I wanted to add that since I made that last comment, we have discovered that my daughter's difficulties were so much more than we had thought. She is on the Autism Spectrum and she needs me more than ever to help her in every way I can.

Hulst mommy said...

That was awesome. Whether the Lord leads someone to homeschool or not...I love that you love what the Lord has called you to do with your kids regardless of what others think!

I pray that the Lord wants us to homeschool...I can't wait :)

K_Dot said...

I think I love reading your mom's comments as much as I love reading you posts :o)

Roaming Mom said...

Well said!!!! I have had problems "validating" why I homeschool. I shouldn't have to! They are my children and God has placed them in my husband and my hands so we are the ones to answer for how they are raised. Stay strong to your can be so hard when you battle the outside world!

Sophie said...

Hi Bridget, this is a great and honest post. I have 6 kiddos my oldest is a freshman in college, my 2nd son really struggled in school and I sat many hours at the table trying to teach him. I never homeschooled, honestly I never knew anyone that did so I never even considered it.I wish now I would have. I do plan on homeschooling my youngest who is adopted and is behind in speech. I took a speech pathology class to be prepared to focus on her needs and seriously I feel guilty that I never thought of homeschooling my older children.I've offered my younger boys but once they've established their group of friends in school that's something they don't want to give up, they're in middle school. I don't like certain things and behaviors they pick up in school so we always talk about using discernment and the importance of being light in this world and reflecting Jesus.
I love your blog your kids are so cute!
blessings :)

Sarah said...

Wow!!! I found your post through another site and I completely agree with you! When talking with Christians about this issue, my husband and I often ask, "Where do you find Biblical support/examples for sending your children to government schools?" Anyway, really appreciate this post!