Sunday, April 18, 2010

Crystal Cove

A perfect day at

We enjoyed the tide pools and lunch at Beachcomber Restaurant. Yummy, with a view!

I love it at Crystal Cove. It has cute little cottages and reminds me of the 50's. Gidget style.

They also have a lot of Education programs:)
Faith is my artist and tells me all the time, "Mom, why do I have to learn Algebra if I'm just going to paint?" Ha!
In fact, I'll never forget on the way to drop her off on her first day of Kindergarten she said,"Mommy, I'm going to be an artist, why do I have to go to school?"
I make sure she gets plenty of painting in (after math!)

She got to meet Artist Greg LaRock. Very nice man and awesome painter! If I had the money I would of bought one of his beautiful paintings. I'm sure I'll have a house full of Faith Ryan paintings soon enough though:)
Mr. LaRock stopped in the middle of his painting to talk to Faith. He took the time to demonstrate a few techniques and take a picture with her.

It made her day!


Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

Looks like you had a beautiful day! How sweet of Mr. LaRoc to take a few minutes to talk to Faith and give her some pointers. Don't you just love it when people give your kids just that little bit of attention? Especially when it's something they are so interested in!

I totally understand the math thing. In kindergarten my little one determined that if Adam and Eve wouldn't have sinned, he wouldn't have to learn math! The wisdom of little ones!LOL


Braley Mama said...

that is so cool, that he did that for her! It must have made her day! I love it when people are encouraging to the kiddos!

Valerie said...

I love Crystal cove!!! I am living in Oklahoma currently but I am from southern California, and My mom often rents a beach house there in Crystal Cove and its so adorable there.

Tinika said...

What a beautiful family!

Bethany said...

Wow, it's gorgeous there! I love what your family is doing, I would love to do something like it once I have kids. I love traveling, there is so much to see!

Susan said...

I love Crystal Cove, too! The walk through the tunnel is my boys' favorite part! Come and visit the beaches of San Diego. They're so different from OC beaches.

Did you stop to visit the house from the movie Beaches, or get a prune shake from the Shake Shack (I don't think it's called that anymore, sadly)? If not, I highly recommend doing so next time! And I'm not kidding about the prune shake!!! YUMMY!

Love, Susan

Joannah said...

Aww man, we were there a week before you! We just missed each other. That would've made my day if we ran into your fam. there. We love Beachcomber too. :)