Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th Of July

I'm dressing up all the kids in red, white and blue and decorating our bikes because the parade starts in a few....but just wanted to stop in and say have a Happy 4th of July everyone!!!

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Pictures of Last year.......

This is from 07
Farrah's 1st 4th of July

as I said last year....

It's appropriate, as we celebrate, to stop for a moment and reflect specifically on our freedom to homeschool.
In our litigious, overly-legislated, overly-regulated society, we are grateful that we still have the freedom to homeschool our children in the ways that we see fit. Yes, legislators in many states including California recently, have given us hoops to jump through, yet we do have the choice to homeschool. Families in a handful of other countries also have this freedom but there are many countries where it does not exist.
I thank God for our Freedom!


Anonymous said...

You need to thank all the men and woman who have lost thier lives for your freedom. Think of all the kids with out parents and grandparents that where taken from them to provide our freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!! And remember nothing in life is FREE!!!
Happy 4th of July

Colleen said...

Happy 4th of July : ) Hope you had a great day. Although I don't home school I think it is wonderful that you are able to home school if you chose : ) It's always nice to have a choice..... : )

Brianna said...

Anonymous: Ok maybe she forgot to thank the men and woman who lost their lives on her blog but that doesn't mean she doesn't thank them and are so grateful for what they did. My husband, Bridget's brother in law was in the military and she makes sure he is thanked for his duty and teaches her kids how important it is. She was the one at the 4th of July party today making sure everyone knew exactly what we were celebrating.