Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Not All Homeschool Moms Wear Praire Skirts!

I made that line up and put it on my blog after meeting some really cool homeschool moms a couple years ago...I like to refer to them as my homeschool hotties haha. I remember wanting to homeschool and thinking I would be hanging out with all these moms that baked their own bread and wore buns with skirts down to their ankles. I was wrong!

Before homeschooling I always thought of homeschoolers as wierd nerdy people. You could always pick the homeschooler out of the bunch and that is why I never wanted to homeschool. I didn't want my kids to be weird or unsocialized. Well homeschooling has come a lonnnnnnng way. It's actually "cool" now!. Don't get me wrong there are a few weird ones but for the most part they are normal families. We have met some really neat families!

In fact one of the first homeschool mom's I met when I first started homeschooling was Leah. She doesn't wear a prairie skirt either but she does wear a Olympic gold medal...actually she wears 3!

Since making the decision to homeschool I have met so many moms who are like minded. We don't all have an extra dose of patience either! We just want to have a little longer with our children's hearts. If you are thinking about homeschooling, don't let the prairie skirts change your mind. I know with school starting just around the corner many of you are thinking about homeschooling. Feel free to email me any questions you may have.

Check out Leah's family blog.
Play with passion, live with Purpose!!! Leah Amico


Bianca said...

Guess what? My best friend Jennie Finch plays with Leah and she's actually considering homeschooling her son :) She's TOTALLY a hottie!

PS My mother was an original homeschool mom and she NEVER wore a skirt ;) She was the coolest teacher EVER.

Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

Does this mean I am not cool because I bake my own bread??? JK

I think that this is an issue that separates a lot of people. Society seems to play a role in telling us what we should and should not wear. I think at times, it is difficult to know where that line should be drawn. I have to say that I admire anyone who choses to homeschool. And I think the beauty of this issue is that God uses the things tht the world deems as simple to show us how powerful he really is. Thankfully the Lord looks at the heart. Skirts or not, we are all beautiful in God's eyes. Have a blessed day!!!

Rebekah said...

So, does wearing a skirt and baking ones own bread make one a prude?

I don't believe this was on purpose, but you came across as if you agreed with my above statement.

Bridget said...

No, please don't get me wrong it's not about baking your own bread or if you wear a long skirt. I was just trying to make a point that not all homeschool moms and their kids are dorks. It's sad that homeschooling gets a bad wrap. Especially here in California most people think that all homeschoolers are like that. Please know that I wasn't meaning it literally. If you have read my blog long enough you know that I joke...sorry to offend anyone.
p.s. my sister bakes her own bread and she is totally cool and is one hot mama! haha

Sallyseashell said...

Wow, I have to say that you've grown up with a very jaded view of what homeschooling is!! "Little House on the prairie?" I am glad to see your mind has been changed by meeting other homeschoolers, who have the same lifestyle and ideals as you, so you could change your mind. :)
Homeschooling is a big part of our lives. We believe a huge part is about teaching self sustainability, so baking bread and raising goats is right up our alley. We also want to teach our kids to love themselves and be happy with who they are.
p.s. I ran into your blog from Ashleys

Kristie V said...

I think Bridget's heart is to encourage those with a preconceived idea of homeschooling being for only a certain type of people which there are many! Not even all homeschoolers are Christians...I've learned that after homeschooling for 5 yrs so far. But honestly, I went to public school during all my formative school years and I think I knew a few wierd people back then in school-haha! What is the definition of wierd anyhow. You may think I'm wierd..I may think you're wierd. But homeschooling because you love your kids and want your hands on their hearts and values by all means IS NOT WIERD! So don't come down on Bridge...she's just got a big heart wanting to encourage women out there that may kind of feel the way she did before she homeschooled. And let me tell you...people do have preconceived ideas...think of many of the people's reactions and facial expressions toward you when you told them you were a homeschool mama:) I may not dress very prairie...but I sure get some concerned looks on people's faces when I tell them I homeschool. Honestly I just laugh...because I understand that they may not understand:) Bridget may not bake her own bread, but she does grow a vegetable garden and grapes...that's pretty prairie if you ask me..HAHAHAHAHA! ;)wink

Laura Smith said...

Hi Bridget,
Wow, I needed to read your post this morning! I am preparing (after many months of prayerful consideration) to homeschool my five year old daughter next year when she would be ready to head off to kindergarten. I think for me right now, the toughest thing is going to be able to confidently shrug off all those weird looks and, even worse, judgement, of people who still have these awful preconceived ideas about homeschoolers. I am a recovering people-pleaser! I am not one of those strong-minded, make-my-own-way types of people; I've always struggled with needing to fit in with the crowd and feel "liked" by everyone. Your blog is very encouraging to me, but I guess my question (for you or any other homeschooling moms that can identify with this) is, is there a book or website you would recommend that specifically helps encourage you and build you up in in your choice to homeschool? Thanks so much!

Bridget said...

I'm glad you could relate because I am a recovering people pleaser myself! This is why I posted this (not trying to put anyone down) I was just trying to get my point across. I don't know of any website off hand but there are tons of blogs and books out there. The first book I ever read was, "So, your thinking about homeschooling" by Lisa Whelchel. It shows how there are SO many different types of homeschoolers and it really encouraged me to take that step and I'm SO glad I did. I hope this helps...If you have any other questions you can email me.

Bridget said...

Thanks kristie, I'm glad you understand what I was trying to say:)

Kristie V said...

@Laura - I think many of us relate to you. But you may just need to take the plunge..and you will grow with every comment people may make...or not make. I remember my first time getting "concerned" feedback from a group of women at a scrapbooking table. I was told I was crazy, I was told to make sure I knew what I was getting myself on and so on. I went home and cried a little that night. I was seeing them all the next day so my husband said be bold and tell them Abraham Lincoln was well as many other famous people in history. I prayed that God would help me be strong...and I shared more at our table when the subject came up again. At the end of the converstaion a lady even showed interest in homeschooling. My Chiropractor (a couple months ago) had to make sure my "husband was involved!" I cracked up LOUD...because how many precious children these days have 2 parents that work (no offense to them -really:)...or are not even being raised with a male figure in their lives. But here I am with a husband working his tooshy off so I can stay home with my babies..and is very involved with them..and believes in me as a homeschool mama! I just laughed! He told me that he's seen kids turn out become bird watchers! I laughed again and said..perhaps he'll be the next bird scientist saving us from bird flu:) Anyhow...I'm so passionate about homeschooling as you may be able to tell. But my advice is take the plunge and you will grow stronger with every "concerned citizin" and every remark. If God is calling you to homeschool...HOMESCHOOL my friend! Spending time bonding with your kids while educating them and imparting God's truth's in them all day long...doesn't get better than that. I'm routing for you...go for it. By the way, I was also going to recommend the book "So you're thinking about homeschooling" to you too. Blessings on your journey!

Kristie said...

Sorry I'm leaving long feedback Bridget...but I'm so passionate about this topic!!!

Laura Smith said...

Bridget & Kristie,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I will, I'm sure, continue to seek your encouragement in the years to come. Please don't stop blogging - it is such a ministry, and so many are blessed because of it!