Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just Married......(10yrs ago-5kids later)

The birthday girl is now taking a nap. We had plans to go to Disneyland today but I thought I'd rather stay home and just have a relaxing day enjoying her. We are playing and painting nails. Finley's first time getting her tiny little piggies painted! I know I start'em young! What can I say I LOVE having girls! Tomorrow she is getting her ear's pierced. I'm so scared even though I did Faith's at 2mo and Farrah's at a year. Finley just has really small ear lopes and I hate to hurt her:(

I'm glad you all like the video because I traded it for sleep last night. Ha ha...I shut my eyes for a few minutes and the kids woke up running around singing Happy Birthday and asking for bday cake. I went straight to the coffee pot only to see I was out of coffee. So I'm getting through the day by a temporary sugar rush...(from the cake batter)
Who needs sleep though right?

The night before I didn't sleep either. We had the neighbor kids over for a sleep over. I tucked all 7 kids in and finally laid down to bed. The little girl comes down about an hour later and wants me to sing her a lullaby. So I walk her back up stairs and she asks if I can sing her Amazing Grace because that is what her mom sings to her every night. Umm..okkkk I clear my throat and start to sing..(only because I just want her to go to sleep!!!!!)

Amazzzzzing Graccccccce how swwwwwweeeeeeettttt the ...that's about as far as she let me sing..yeah I am that bad! I ruin that beautiful song!

I better rest up and try to get sooooome beauty sleep because....(giddy) my husband and I got asked to be "pretend" bride and groom this Saturday...Don't Laugh! I know we have been married almost 10yrs and 5 kids later and we have to act and look like newlyweds. HA! It should be fun anyway, I get to wear a wedding dress with a bouquet and everything! It's for the OC magazine (that's if they can edit and make us look young and kid less I guess???) My mom's babysitting the kids and were going out on a date all dressed up and everything!!! Flowers and all...... I'm so excited but hoping they can work wonders......maybe I can bribe my mom to watch the kids over night...I can dream can't I??? I'm also thinking of painting "Just Married" on the back window of the car (the car full of car seats haha)'s fun to pretend:)
I'll post pictures asap of us "acting like newlyweds"..they should be a good laugh for ya'all!


Rochelle Ax said...

HOW FUN! :) I can't wait to see what they come out like... how'd you get that gig? oc magazine?! FUN!!

Brianna said...

What are ear lopes anyway? I've only heard of earlobes. HA You know me always giving you a hard time about the funny things you say :) Can't wait to see the birthday girl!

Susan said...

That all sounds so exciting! How fun for you to dress up like a bride again :O) I hope you get the overnight evening to yourselves, too!

P.S. I love your shabby blogs addition :O) It's perfect for you!

Susan said...

Oh, and one more thing.

YOU TOTALLY LOOK LIKE A YOUNG BRIDE TO ME. Besides. Don't millions of women get married in their late twenties/early thirties? I think we early weds are more rare.

Bianca said...

I can't wait to see the pictures :)

Anonymous said...

How exciting is re-live those moments fun.



rottylover79 said...

That sounds like so much fun!!! Enjoy your date night, I know YOU deserve it!!!

p.s. I just love your blog, you are one funny gal!