Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The Famous "look"

Those dimples and big black eyes of his are dangerous! Yesterday, the kids were playing at the playground when my husband and I noticed a little girl (about 5) go running to her dad crying. Then I see Landen walk over to me with his eyebrows up and hands out(theididnothingwrong) innocent look. He can't fool me, I know that look! I ran up and ask what he did. Then I hear the dad say, "Who did that to you honey?" The little girl points to Landen and sticks out her tounge at him and says,"He did!" I said I'm sorry as I always do and made Landen say sorry too. Then I asked him what happend and made him sit in timeout. From what I got out of Landen she was bugging him and so he grabbed her legs and pulled her off the slide and she fell on her back. Austin and Faith came running out to tell me the whole story. (Meanwhile I'm getting dirty looks from the dad)
Austin says the little girl was trying to kiss Landen and he didn't want her to so he pushed her off the slide. Landen said, "Mommy she kissed me on the yips!" Oh, No She didn't!!! I didn't want to tell him but he did the right thing..haha! Push those girls away!!! Those lips are only for his mommy!!!!!!


Loni's World said...

You are right about that look/face! I can see the sneaky one too, ha-ha.

That story is too funny. Cute too!

debbie said...

The look only a mom and grandma truly love! He is so cute. Did you tell the dad what his daughter was up to? Hum, he better watch out for her, Ha-Ha

Rochelle Ax said...

oh my gosh! those girls better stay away! He may be up to something at all times, but he's adorable so it's ok... God knows what we need & he knew to make the mischevious kids in our lives have BIG DIMPLES and ADORABLE smiles! lol-- Calebs mine.. seriously, i need help! :( hence-- the prayer meeting! lol