Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Weekend Recap

Hello from the little Ryan school house where we are starting school late today because it is 9:30 and everyone is still sleeping! (ahhh the joys of homeschooling) We stayed up late so I'm letting the kids sleep in. I woke up early and had some time to myself. Now I am enjoying my cup of coffee (through a straw) I've been told by my lovely daughter Faith my teeth are getting yellow. And enjoying some blogging time.
I thought I'd share some pictures of our weekend.

We woke up early Saturday morning to have our blood, urine and blood pressure taken. Just what I want to do on a early Saturday morning. Fun! Fun! We figured it was time to up our life insurance. Last time we got it we only had 2 kids, now with 5 we figured we needed more. Lord willing we won't need it. So, the lady walks in and takes Justin's blood pressure first. "OH, wow, do you work out?" She tells Justin. "You have blood pressure of an all American athlete." I can see his head swelling from where I'm sitting. Then she moves on to take his blood. "Make a fist" The lady says. Then she proceeds to make comments, "you can tell you work out by looking at your arm." He then again looks at me with a smile going from ear to ear and gives me a wink. I am just rolling my eyes! Does she realize what I am going to have to hear all week.
Then it was my turn (and if you know me I am very competitive) even when it comes to taking my blood pressure. Guess what, I had even better blood pressure than my husband!!!!Eat that! lol And yes, he will be hearing about that all week. Then I had to get my blood drawn (which I'd rater give birth) I hate getting my blood drawn. Then my second favorite part was standing on the scale. As I took everything off that I could to help with the numbers I stood on.... The lady just had to say it extra loud you weigh one hundred and ... (I'm not saying) Making sure my husband could hear clear across the house. WHAT!!?? I could of sworn I weighed 10 lbs less. Then she says and your only 5'6 not 5'7 like you thought you were. OH, thanks!!! That makes me feel even better. When she was leaving she said," Have a nice day and you really do look good FOR having 5 kids." I think she was feeling a little guilty for flirting with my husband and then making me feel like a short fatty. "Yeah you too." I said with a fake smile:) She had to add in FOR having 5 kids. Why can't anyone just say you look good? It's always you look good FOR having 5 kids. So, Today starts the day I am going to get my yellow teeth short fat body running!!! I am starting my new workout routine. (wish me luck)

Farrah wasn't feeling well. She teething and really clingy. This is her Saturday Morning she feel asleep snuggling her baby Valerie (which was my old cabbage patch when I was little)

Finley said "DA DA" for the first time.

Aut can now do a back flip on the trampoline

Dad took the boys to the Chicks sale and got them some new clothes

I took the girls shopping and found these cute little dresses. I love the flower on the butt:)

Getting ready for church... love the curls:) I can't wait till I can do this to Finley. A friend sent me this after seeing the post on Finley's haircut in helping me feel better about it.
Thanks Michelle. I am now hoping her locks will grow in even thicker:)

on Salma Hayek's bio page... "Determined to see that her grandchild develop into a ravishing
beauty, her grandmother frequently shaved young Salma's head and clipped her
eyebrows, in the belief that such treatments would add body and sheen to her
granddaughter's thick dark locks."

Yesterday, my sister watched the girls. While Justin and I took the boys snowboarding.
Faith didn't want to go. She said it's too cold she would rather stay and practice her crochet in a nice warm house. haha

We ended not getting to go because we thought Mt. Baldy had night skiing. We planned to only go half day like we do at Mt. High. This is us riding on the ski lift all the way to the top to find out the ski lifts were going to close in a half hour. We got our money back but daddy snuck one ride down the mountain. I had Landen on my lap and Austin sitting next to me on the way back down. The wind was blowing and it was so cold but I still happened to take some pictures and sneak some kisses from my boys:)

Justin having some free fun and showing off for the boys....
I'm yelling from the lift:
Go, head babe do a trick or big jump. It's ok we upped your life insurance. That comment was followed by a snowball thrown at me:)

Laden's feet were freezing. Here's me trying to warm them with some dry gloves.

Ah... the heater on his piggy's feels good


Shannon Hartz said...

Oh what a fun weekend. So sorry you didn't get to board. I think that is the thing that I miss most. It seems like I've been pregnant or nursing for 5+ years. I have had a combined 6 weeks worth of breaks over that time, but they never were during boarding season. Oh I DO miss the days when I had a season pass and never went longer than a few days between trips to the slopes:) Oh and Farrah's curls... way too cute. Thanks God those girls have two brothers to fight off all the boys that are going to be lingering around your house when they get older:)

K_Dot said...

Wow... what a busy weekend! Looks like you guys had fun - even if you didn't get to board.

Elisabeth- Truly Blessed said...

Oh- that's hilarious about the insurance physicals! Sounds so much like my husband and I!
Have a blessed week!
In Him,

crazymamaof3 said...

Hi Bridgett,
I went to elementry school at Eagle Canyon with you and Kim Mirabella, and the rest of the gang. Can't beleive you have 5 kids and are homeschooling.! Glad to see you have such a strong relationsip with the Lord and that you are suh a good mommy. Take care and I look forward to reading more of your blog entries, they crack me up.

His Creations Photography said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Isn't is crazy riding up that lift with a wigglly little one in your lap? We took the girls up a couple of months ago and yikes!!!! I was holding on tight to Livy. The ski instructor up there was telling us that he specializes in teaching kids to ski. He builds special skis so that the kids can start at 2!! We aren't skiers, but maybe we could be :)