Friday, February 20, 2009

All Children...Should Be Able To See A Sunset

Another reason I love blogging. A way we can help others...

One of the famlies that participated in the big Valentine exchange has recently learned that their precious 4 month old son Gavin, and little brother to (another) Landon Troy was diagnosed with Congenital Retinal Dystrophy. He has VERY minimal to no vision.
His mom Jen is an awesome mom and is so determined, check out her blog. All children.... should be able to see a sunset.
We have exchanged some emails and I wanted to inform all of you so maybe you could help.

They are doing a walk to honor little Gavin and other families/people affected by vision loss/problems. This walk will raise money for research.
you can find their personal page here
They are a very humble family and understand during these hard economic times, it may not be feasible to donate. They even hesitated to reach out and even inform others about the fundraiser - because so many are affected by their own individual hardships. Then she figured, even if $5 dollars is raised, that is 5 dollars more than what the Foundation had.

If you would like to donate, fabulous! If you would like to join the Stevens family for this event, even better! It will be on the CSUF campus on Sunday, June 7th at 9am. PLEASE just come out and show your support, it's an easy walk - bring your family, throw the little ones in strollers and be part of something great!
My kids pitched in their own money and we will all be doing the walk too:)


Jen said...

Thank you again Bridget. ;)

Brianna said...

I will go. You need to fix the link to their blog it's not working.

Hollie said...

i'm gonna click on over and visit their sire. thanks for sharing.

and your post about homeschooling and allowing God to instruct you was awesome. you really make me think more about homeschooling...even though i'm a teacher in public schools and have never even thought twice about homeschooling, you make me think about more than've got my wheels turning!

and my boots are Franco Fortini...I got them at Rack Room Shoes. They were originally $99 but I got them for $35! I love a good deal! (and plus, I just can't afford 99 bucks for shoes! haaha)