Friday, February 13, 2009

Flashback Friday

This is Faith on Easter 2007. We were hoping Farrah would be born before Easter. That was her Easter dress just in case she decided to arrive early. Faith was so excited to have a sister and couldn't wait for her arrival. You can tell she is sad that she didn't come in time to wear her cute little matching dress. Farrah came 5 days later. I remember running (yes running) on the treadmill that Easter trying to go into labor.
This year Farrah's 2nd birthday lands on Easter. We are planning a big Party the Saturday before Easter. With a big Easter egg hunt (we have about a 1/2 acre lot to have the kids run around and hunt for eggs) and a visit from the Easter bunny (if I can get my husband to dress up (lol) Remember I got him to wear the Incredible costume for Halloween the bunny costume should be a breeze. HA! If not I will find someone to dress up. We will have the Easter bunny there!!! We also have a friend that owns a lot of real bunnies that she is going to let us borrow to run around while the kids hunt for eggs. (I told you I was extreme and make everything complicated) Any of our friends that live in the area email me at and I will give you information. Your all invited! It should be a fun day for the kids and a great day for parents to get some good pictures:)
P.S. Thank you to everyone who is participating in the Valentine Exchange. It felt like Christmas at our house this morning as my kids ran to the mail box and opened all sorts of envelopes filled with such creative cards and prizes!!!! How fun is this!!!! If you haven't received ours yet you should get them tomorrow:)


April said...

Just found your blog! LOVE IT. Your kids are GORGEOUS. I'm lovin looking at all the pics of all of them. You are very inspiring to me, being a MOM of 5! I only have 2 and I lose my mind at times. Ha Ha. Kudos to you for having 5 children. God only lets special moms have 5 kids, I truly believe that!! I'm following your blog now. Can't wait to read it each day. Take care!

Janene Frank said...

Thanks for organizing the exchange--I found a flip book at the Dollar Tree store and the kids are having so much fun finding out where their Valentines are from--

An outing you might find interesting--speaking of bunnies is

It's local (Pasadena)and is actually a woman's home--we went last year around Easter. . .field trip, maybe??

Shannon Hartz said...

Farrah and Dane have the same birthday - just a year apart:) We're planning an egg hunt too - but I never thought about bunnies - too cute, and I don't think there's ANY way I could get Bobby to dress up as the Easter Bunny - but hey you never know, maybe if I tell him Justin is... :)

Michael, Trisha, Grace, and Anna said...

Love the dresses! Where are they from?

Colleen said...

What a fun party you are going to have : ) My daughter's 4th birthday is March 5th and she wants a purple party. She's been talking about her party for months LOL Everyone has to wear purple...including all four of her brothers and their friends. I sure wish we could have an outside party in March but Chicago is freezing!!!!

The Achee Family said...

What a great idea.. Sounds like fun!