Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rain, Rain go away...

leave your puddles it's time to play!!!

Us California girls can't do all this rain. It's rained for like 3 days in a row. I know all of you non Californians are laughing at us and saying it's just a heavy mist and we have nothing to complain about. But I missed the sunshine! I can't stand to be trapped in doors. Today was a beautiful day so when daddy got home from work we couldn't wait to go outside to play!

I love the street we live on. In fact my husband makes fun of me because I always take the long way home. There's a short cut to our house but I always drive allllll the way around just so I can drive down the pretty street. I drive really slow too! The kids are like mom you see this street all the time!

I thought it would make some pretty pictures if I let the kids run around in the middle of the street. (What I will do for a great shot)

The "cool" kids on the block

I think Finley's still mad about her haircut. She wouldn't crack a smile.

Finley's new thing she sticks both her hands down her throat and gags herself.

Such a poser! My kids actually ask me to take pictures of them then they stike a pose. I love it! (can you tell?)

Landen thinks he's cool because I'm letting him play in the street for once.

I love this picture (minus the ugly Monster hat)


Stephanie said...

Great pictures. That is a gorgeous street for sure, I don't blame you for taking the long route.

Ice Queen said...

I LOVE the street with all the beautiful trees. I'd drive down the street slow and admire God's handiwork every day too!

K_Dot said...

What cool shots!
Wasn't today a gorgeous day! I was so glad for a break from the rain.
p.s. I linked my blog to my profile if you wanna see pics of the twins from today :o)

Heather said...

I have to say that is the ONLY thing I like about the East coast, the trees here are beautiful! Tons of them! And all they colors during the fall are just amazing. But it's too humid and the winters are too cold for me, I miss me some Cali sunshine!!

Carolee said...

Your street reminds me of the east. That is what I love about living in PA, there are so many tree lined streets.

Sarah said...

Beautiful pictures. I would love to have a street like that!

That last picture is just precious!

Loni's World said...

My first thought when I saw that pic of Finley I thought the same thing lol shes just mad about her hair haha

Love the pics and the street.

I love tree lined streets.

The Achee Family said...

Oh gosh, Your street is beautiful! There is a street in La Jolla (San Diego) That is like that for miles. Right next to the ocean. It is just breath taking. Farrah looks so good with that bright yellow on, and the last picture needs to be in a frame. I love it!