Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Car's Packed With Kids and......

Yesterday was pet day and Valentines parties at the park with our homeschool group. After packing some lunch and all the kids Valentines my husband called me and I answered the phone saying," Can I call you back I am busy trying to get , 5 kids, a 60lb tortoise, 1 turtle, and 1 bearded dragon in the car(we left the hamster and fish at home) He, just started laughing and said...only my wife. haha!
We got to the park and Austin showed off all his reptiles:
Did I mention I had to carry the 60lb tortoise??? I begged Austin if we could just bring a picture of him but no, he wouldn't go for that. JD was a big hit!!! All the kids loved him.
I guess the mom who took this picture thought it was pretty funny watching me try to get JD out! (What I will do for my kids, I sure hope they appreciate me!)

Austin taking his job serious!

They girls had fun too!

Then after park day we headed to Home Depot to get the rest of our supplies. We are working on two projects in our backyard.

We are finishing our chicken coop and pond.
I guess I didn't think I had enough pets in the car because we went and picked up our little hen on the way home!
On the way home I had, 5 kids, 1tortoise,1bearded dragon,1 turtle, and 1 chicken!

I know what your thinking, next we will see Bridget with braids and a long prairie skirt. What can I say,I'm a Texas girl at heart. Can you tell I grew up on Little House on The Prairie? Now Faith and I are into Anne of Green Gables. (We like to pretend anyway)

We have our garden going, our pond..and now we are raising chickens! We have been googling like crazy because (us city folks) don't have a clue what we are doing. (Any advice from my farm friends would be greatly appreciated.)

Our finished project

Our Pond...Justin found the red eared slider in one of our customers pools.

Now you may be asking yourself, why would I want to raise chickens. Well, one good reason is that they lay eggs. The kids love it. It's almost like they get little surprise everyday! Scrambled eggs our house Saturday Morning!

One problem...the kids can't decide on a name for her..any suggestions???? I'm thinking Fran maybe Frances (what??? I like F names)


Shannon Hartz said...

Oh Bridget you are too funny. I actually talked with Bobby just last week about getting a chicken. He thought I was TOTALLY crazy, but I said it WOULD save us some money on groceries since we do eat alot of eggs... He asked "What next? a cow?..." But that wouldn't help, our kids are lactose intolerant... they could drink goats milk though:)...

4kidscrazy said...

Hey there I just wanted to give you a little insight on chickens. My friends have chickens and they say that they do feed them chicken scratch but also all of their leftover stale bread,like any peels off of apples,cucumbers etc and also veggies that aren't bad but you wouldn't eat them. they have a lot of luck with their chickens i want some but i am afraid of them after i was attacked by a rooster LOL. good luck you are sooooooo much like my sister when i helped her move i had 3 dogs, 2 cats, 3 birds, and 10 fish in one mini van it was a long drive to new mexico. hope i could help you. beth

kristina16marie said...

Well if you're a Texas girl at heart, you should move on out here to San Antonio! They're so awesome about home schooling out here it's sick!

Huse Yo Mama said...

I have a friend with five kids and a bunch of animals who totally needs to read your blog. I'll be forwarding this on to her. She'll love it.

By the way, totally off-subject, but it's a question I have for you that MUST be answered. By someone. How ...oh HOW do you manage to ALWAYS look. so. stinking.cute!?

Seriously - does anyone else wonder, or is it just me? I have a two year old. ONE two year old. That's it. And, not only do I NEVER look as cute as you, I'm lucky to get a shower by 3pm some days.

So, what's your secret? Am I lazy? Give it to me straight.

PJs and Ponytails

Brianna said...

I think you should take my two dogs to add to the collection. Anyway, how come you didn't put up the picture you emailed me? haha Cute pics.

Anonymous said...

How bout FRIED CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twisted Cinderella said...

Great pics. It looks like a fun day.

JenCoen said...

I had to bring Cameron over to see Austin's tortoise. Santa brought him a little one named Mario. Cameron wants to come visit now. hehe!

Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh, you are one brave woman, taking that group to the park. Some day, I will have a chicken coop. It looks like it turned out great!

The Raney's said...

Bridget, I also want to know how you do it! I admire all the things that you do with your children and I love to read your blog. I hope to get into my home schooling groove so that I can do HALF the stuff you do. Please share with us in a near future post how you do it, what curriculum you use, and what you do to keep the young ones busy while you do school. Thanks so much, Kim Raney

Loni's World said...

Too funny!
Love all the animals, sounds like my house growing up.

I think an F name would be cute for the chicken. Fran is cute Francine?

Ice Queen said...

You're missing the partidge in a pear tree! You really should get one of them!

The Achee Family said...

Oh my gosh you are so funny. I'm sure your kids are having so much fun doing all this. I love the picture of all your kids in the home depot cart. I was in Target the other day and this guy comes up to me and says.. "Wow 3.. you really have a lot going on" Then I was in Costco and this lady comes up to me and rubs my back and says "you are one busy mommy" I guess I need one of those signs that says " Yes there all mine and I have more at home!" haha I could only imagine the comments you get from people :)