Thursday, September 27, 2007

What day is it anyways???

The other day, (what ever day that was) I was super busy with school, laundry, hair appointments and errands. My husband said, just remember to get some stamps while your out today. We had to send out our billing for the business. This was important because without sending out billing we don't get paid. I did everything I needed to get done that day. Except the stamps! OH,No! Justin came home from work, "did you get the stamps?" Opps! "I'm so sorry!" I said. He ended up picking some up on his way to take Austin to football practice. While they were at football I finished doing hair and started dinner.
Tonight was a fieldtrip the kids have been looking forward too. We were going to see nature at night and were going on a night hike. They were also excited because, Dad gets to come! Usually our fieldtrips are during the day while he is at work. Justin got home, loaded the kids and flashlights in the car, while I got paper plates, lots of napkins and sippy cups. We were doing dinner to go...Running late as usual. Justin looking so tired after a long day at work asks "where are we going?" opps... I forgot the directions at home and asked him with a kind and gental voice to please turn around. We drove to West Covina eating our dinner. We finally arrived to a very dark park. Hmmm... I thought were is everyone? Justin asks, "are you sure it starts at 7PM?" "Yes," I said, "The flyer read, Wierd Wednesdays from 7-9PM" He just looked at me and rolled his eyes, "Bridget it's Tuesday." I just buried my head in my hands. Thank God I have a husband with a sense of humor!

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