Friday, September 21, 2007

Help! A bully in our school

Every school has them, even ours at home. He may be only two but he's the biggest bully at our school. I pray this is just a stage Landen is going through.

Austin and his new friend Logan

Faith in her singing class......she loves to sing!

Friday School:
Every Friday the kids go to school from 8-12. Even Landen and Farrah get to go to class "daycare". Austin and Faith can take different classes throughout the year and are meeting alot of new friends. Oh, and the best part about Friday's are I have the day off!.... well kind of (just between 8-12)

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Art & Sheri said...

Hi guys! Your mom helped us figure out how to get here so now we can send you messages. The Wedding was fun last night - do fun things in school this week and we will be watching for new items. Love you guys! Nana & Papa Ryan+