Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Peek into the Future

We attended education day at Wired Next Fest in Los Angeles for our first fieldtrip. For my future scientists they were excited to see robots, flying vehicles, Mars suits, and many other hand's on learning experiences . Over 150 different future technoligies in healthcare, entertainment, transportation and more. NASA was their with the crew from the Endeavor space shuttle that just landed from space this past Aug. We also got to see human like robots (you couldn't tell which man was a robot and which was a real human)that made eye contact and would capture our attention by using a full range of human like facial expressions... austin said, "Now, that's Freaky!" Faith enjoyed seeing a babydoll that would react to touch. If you would tickle her foot she would wiggle her toes and giggle back just like a real baby. Faith's favorite part was meeting a women with a real bionic arm and seeing how it worked. It's amazing how technology is getting more and more advanced. It's also scary in a way, isn't it?

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