Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Sacramento and The Gold Country

We get to see California history come to life! We have a unique opportunity to experience a two day tour of Sacramento. We have planned our field trip for May, 2008. This will give us time to raise money with our many fundraisers we have planned. Don't worry no more $15.00 wrapping paper! We will be going on a California State Capital Tour, seeing the government in action. Historic Sutter's Fort, California state railroad museum, the old Sacramento schoolhouse. Austin and Faith will get to participate in a 19th century lesson. We will also go on Wagon Rides through Old Sacramento and discover historic buildings still standing today. We also plan to visit Marshall Gold Park and see the site where gold was discovered. The last day we are their we will be doing EDT's (educational discovery tours) Living History: Tinsmith (they will make a project under the instruction of a Tinsmith, Mountain Man, how he survied and the people who helped him, and we can't forget they will end with their own chance to pan for gold!


Laura said...

Hi Bridget
What a beautiful family you have! I have to ask what made you decide to homeschool. What a great responsiblility and adventure. I admire you for taking it on.

Bridget said...

Hi Laura..nice to see you on here..well sort of :) Thank you for the comment. I have thought about homeschooling for along time now and really my reason is simple, I want to be home with my children and for them to grow up hearing my voice. With God all things are possible... I keep telling myself that :)

Laura said...

I think that is wonderful. I'll be praying for you