Monday, September 24, 2007

My very excellent mother just served us nachos......please

Having a little fun with science.

An easy way to remember the order of the planets. I like to use Mnemonics in teaching the kids to remember things. I know it helped me in school and I still use little silly mnemonics of my own to help me remember things.
The kids insisted we add "please" to the end of the old phrase : My excellent mother just served us nachos" They didn't want to leave Pluto out. So they came up with please for pluto. The planet still does exist, it has just been reclassified.
Being the "VERY EXCELLENT MOTHER" that I am LOL....the kids asked if I could serve them nachos. So that is what I made them for snack. The kids got to make their own nacho's out of constuction paper too. I hope this old mnemonic will help them remember.


Shannon said...

I wish I had thought to serve nachos when we studied the solar system in the spring. They would have thought I was one cool momma, too. I'lll do that when we do the solar system next time. Thanks for the idea!

Jessica said...

awesome. I just met your mother this morning in bible study and she told me to check out your blog :) I just started homeschooling my daughter last week (K)