Monday, September 10, 2007

Coping With Monday Morning

On paper, homeschooling does not look like a grind. I get to plan my days myself. I get to be with my favorite people on earth- my kids! I can teach them at their own pace. So what's with that Monday morning clutchy feeling in the pit of my stomach???

Well here it is: I know I have taken on a big chunck of responsibility-- for the education of my children. This morning it hit me hard. For some reason today I felt more than just responsible I felt pressure.
Why? Probley because I haven't had any sleep the last couple nights. And because I know how the week can go, Someone can wake up with a stomach ace or the stinky fish water can spill all over the carpet and make the classroom stink again!...I try to "will" these things not to happen, at least not on Monday! So, on this morning I woke up not as cheery as most mornings. :) I emerged from my bedroom like a sergeant, wanting everyone in the house to march through the day. I do this because I feel the pressure to have my Monday move along and have today set a quick pace for our week ahead. We have a crazy week ahead of us with the start of football practices, new meet up groups, doctors and dentist appointments, field trips and our friday school starts. whewwww... I get tired just thinking about it!
But wait! I try to reflect. If my children were in school what would I want their teachers to be like today? I would want them to teach and follow a plan. I would also want them to do it with a smile, and to treat my kids with understanding, respect, and kindness. I would want these teachers to know that my children don't always understand the lesson, and thats OK they will understand it tomorrow. I would want my child's teacher to think about it NOT as a Monday, but instead, to see it as a special day of teaching and learning with VERY special people. -MY CHILDREN.

I have made a choice to be that teacher..I will try and remember to let go of disappointment if I do not get everything done today that I wanted. I pray I homeschool on those Monday's because it is a day I have been given, to love and teach my children.