Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Homeschoolers get out of the house!

Homeschoolers aren't just for hermits anymore. In fact we have changed the name from homeschooling to autoschooling in our family. We always seem to be on the go and always learning something new. We do follow a curriculm, I am not brave enough to follow the "unschooling" method of teaching my children, but we do like to change it up a little. I am not one to be stuck at home and never have been. Even with little infants we are out and about.
Today we started our day as a normal school day. Halfway through our morning the baby was being fussy and Austin and Faith were being distracted by Landen etc... I said everyone that's it, pack up your work and get in the car were going for a ride.
We went to the Botanical Gardens not far from our house. What a beautiful place to get away and do work. Farrah enjoyed the fresh air and Landen loved looking at all the tree's. We sat on a bench and read and the kids did their work. We spent a good 2 hours there with actual peace and quiet. Sometimes it's good to just get out of the house.

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