Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Maggie Mae

Meet the real Maggie Mae. (Well, she thinks Rod Stewart wrote it for her anyway.)

Even though I call her darn dog almost all day...puppies! Why didn't someone tell me they were harder than a newborn!
I know Maggie Mae isn't very original but when you have a name that all the kids FINALLY agree on you gotta go with it...Plus I love Rod (even though he was way before my time)I still rock out to him in my car:)
The kids and I have been rockin out to the song all day... I put it on my blog if you would like to turn it up and rock out too. LOL...I love the guitar in the beginning. (I'm suck a dork)


Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

We grew up with labs on my dad's ranch. They are sooo like babies when they are puppies. We delivered 2 litters during my childhood. The momma and puppies would sleep in my bathroom, and boy did those little guys and girls tear things up!!! She is too cute though!!!!!

Loni's World said...

Great name choice! I think she looks like a Maggie.
(I still rock out too, I think we all need to be a dork to lossen up)

Just so you know you made a good choice on the breed, GRs are very good with kids and are awesome family dogs. They can however be very rowdy if not taught up front. I would recommend dog training or a little bit of it at least. Let me know if you need help, my grandmother owned a dog kennel my whole life and is a dog trainer. I can give you a few pointers for free (i would refer you to my gma but I will save you the horror lol she is kinda mean haha) I can train dogs too but I just choose not too. :)

EveryGoodGift said...

Mariah is drooling over Maggie Mae...(I must admit, she is adorable) My husband is diggin' your song...:o) I am glad that we got our Lab after he grew out of his terrorizing...now he just wants you to CONSTANTLY throw him something to fetch...Montana is his name. He is so precious...hopefully when Maggie Mae grows up, she will be as precious as he is. Everyone that comes over wants to take him home....everyone but SHannon...anyway...LOL! :o) Congratulations!

debbie said...

Finally a name. It is very cute. Maggie is very cute too.

Cyn said...

Precious Puppy, but with that being my DAUGHTER'S name.....
well it's hard for me to see anyone else using it!! :-)