Friday, May 1, 2009

7 Reasons I Love My Dad

My kids have entered a contest over at Meet me at the corner. This site has many fun things for the kids to to do. I use many of the contests as school assignments.
If your kids aren't old enough to enter the contest, it's fun to just document what they say anyway. That's what I do with Landen...
Here is Landen's 7 reasons why he loves his daddy:

1. he bought me a ninja turtle.
2. he buys me dinosaurs.
3. he takes me to Austin's baseball practice.
4. he makes me laugh and colors with me.
5. I love my daddy because he buys me new shoes all the time.
6. I love my daddy because he has big muscles and he's funny.
7. because he picks me up from preschool and takes me to McDonald's.

1. He sometimes takes me to work with him.
2. He taught me how to surf and now I am really good.
3. He built me a ramp for my bike and I get 4ft off the ground on it.
4. When we play video games together we are awesome.
5. He bought me a bike that matches my brother's bike. He also bought me a dirt bike.
6. He works hard for five kids to eat good food and go fun places.
7. He teaches me how to play sports and I'm really good at what I do.

1. He taught me how to play soccer.
2. He tickles me at night and it's fun.
3. I love him because it's fun to play with him.
4. I always wanted a dog and on Easter my dream came true he bought me a puppy.
5. He always buys me new shoes.
6. I love my dad because he works hard and makes a lot of money.
7. He prays with me every night.


EveryGoodGift said...

It is so wonderful to know that God is drawing the hearts of fathers toward their children...And that children are having such good examples set for them. Absolutely PRECIOUS! I may have to go check out that site. Your post warms my heart. :o)

Shannon said...

Beautiful! I love the kid's comments!

Simply Blessed said...

I am DEFINITELY pregnant LOL While reading it and looking at the pictures I got all teary eyed. What a good Daddy Justin is :)