Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Father's World

The new school year is creeping around the corner at our house. In about a month (YIKES) we plan to be back into the full swing of things. Scary and exciting. Scary, as I am still cleaning out and organizing the school closet, working on my teachers planner, and adding a newborn to our already busy schedule. Exciting to be again adventuring into the land of learning. I can't wait to see what God has in store for us this coming year.

All summer I have been doing research on different curriculum and working on field trips and upcoming classes the kids will take part in.
We will be using My Father's World again as our core curriculum. (Let me just say this is no ordinary curriculum.) I also plan on bringing in some other curriculum here and there that I have found helpful. The author of My Father's World (Marie Hazell) is just amazing. This curriculum is a God send to me. I was so lost when I first started home schooling. So much curriculum to choose from I didn't know where to go. After having the privilege of speaking with a women who went on missions with Marie and her husband and know them very well, I just knew this was the curriculum for us.
I am so excited to be teaching my children the "Exploring Countries and Cultures" The Hazell's have produced a geography unit study that is one I'm sure my children will grow and learn from. (I love unit studies) The Hazell's spent eight years in Siberia, following the Lords leading and spend time translating the Bible into languages for minority groups that don't have their own written language. They have seen the world, felt the need, and now they are back in the U.S. writing for children with the prayer of equipping a generation of children to see God's hand in all of history, and share God's heart of the nations. In our studies this year we will read about true stories of godly men and women who served as missionaries overseas, using Hero Tales stories to illustrate specific character traits they portrayed.
We will also get weekly information about different ethnic groups around the world and their specific prayer needs, using Window on the World.
MFW has a strong mission focus. We will be praying for countries as we "visit" them.
I hope my children are inspired by the missionary biographies that we read.
I hope by these studies my children will gain a mission oriented world view.


Andrea said...

That sounds interesting! If you need things from German culture (or the UK), maybe I can help! :)

I love that children can get learn outside the box of their own culture and study other cultures.

I am thankful that my children have discovered other cultures. I think it makes them appreciate their own culture (even though most of them have not lived in the US at all :).

TanyaBee said...

Hi Bridget! I found your blog because someone on another group I'm in posted about your comments on large families. I loved it! ;) We are due with our 6th this NOv. We also use My Father's World; you will LOVE it! My two oldest will be doing ECC this fall, too---have fun! :) blessings on your gorgeous family!
Tanya in TX