Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm Going Part Time

Well not really, but I signed the kids up for some co-op classes. After cordinating both of their schedules together, I am only going to be teaching them three days a week. They will be in classes most of the day on Tuesday's and Friday's. Of couse I will be driving them here and there so I don't know if I can really call it part-time. Landen too will be in school for a couple hours on Tuesday's and Thursday's. So, Tuesday's I will be down to two kids. Anyone want to get together for coffee??? Tuesdays are the day!
I look back on all the things the kids and I would of missed out on if we never gave homeschooling a try. They have been involved in so many things from leather working to photography. There are so many classes out there for the kids. Although, I am a part of Western Christian as our umbrella school I am also a part of many support homeschooling groups. We have joined two new ones this summer. I am finding support groups popping up everywhere. Homeschooling seems to be getting more popular. These groups offer classes, field trips and more. It's nice to be a part of these groups as the kids get older too. They offer classes like Forensics, Government etc. (things I know nothing about) I already think about how in the world will I ever teach Chemistry! Thank God for teachers who are willing to offer these classes to us.

Austin and Faith both will be in a building blocks class that consists of IEW writing, history, and math. They will also be taking a sign language and spanish class. For music, Faith is still in violin and Austin starts guitar next week. The are both in an Art class and a sciece lab based class that is centered around creationism. Austin also will be taking a critical thinking class. This course will help develop his ability to think, reason, eliminate and analyze. I think this will be a good challenge for him. The spiritual benefit will be the ability to use this process for inductive study and deductive reasoning. At the end of the couse he will have to use his new skill to examine and learn a simple inductive bible study to encourage the delight of digging into the scriptures to find the treasure therein.
Our schedules are set, and we are ready to learn but first we are going to enjoy the last few weeks of summer (I decided to extend our summer for a couple more weeks) Why? because I can! Oh, the joys of homeschooling.


Aimie said...

Jot me down for a Tuesday! Belle and Farrah can play, Finley can nurse and we can chit chat. Sounds Great! I am happy you found some great homeschoolers in the area to! That is really important. :)

The Oakes Family Zoo said...

Sounds like being a chauffeur is your new full time gig... lol You are way too ambitious for my taste.
Glad to hear homeschooling has been so much fun for the family.

Aimie said...

Oh I forgot! I left you something on my blog! Hee hee! :)

Henry Cate said...

"(I decided to extend our summer for a couple more weeks) Why? because I can! Oh, the joys of homeschooling."

Yea! We love being able to travel in off season. There are so many joys of homeschooling.

Sarah said...

Good for you! One of the beauties of homeschooling is that you can expose your kids to things like Spanish and Sign Language at this early age ... things that you would never have time to do if they were in traditional school.

And please, please, please let me know about these co-ops and etc! How and where did you find them?

We'll be seeing you soon at Friday school!! :)