Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blogger Friend School

I'm starting to get a hang of this blogging (almost) and seeing that there is so much out there for homeschoolers.

I just joined Blogger Friend School!
This is a class that builds friendships, strengthening faith, and Journals memories together.

This class consists of homeschooling moms across the globe who come from a variety of cultures and different number of years in the homeschooling field.

Check it out
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they also have giveaways:

Blogger Friend School is having a

Nice to meet all of you thanks for the emails and commments:)


theresa said...

Just wanted to stop by and say "hi!" Looking forward to getting to know you thru BFS. :o)

Nancy said...

Hi Bridget~ Thanks for coming by the Blogger Friend School and signing up for the giveaway. I'm sure you'll meet lots of new people and have fun doing the assignments.

Mrs Nancy
BFS Teacher

Sombra said...

Oh what a lovely photo of you and your baby.. who's the photographer at your house, the ones of your children below are gorgeous too. I've got a new baby.. Elias is 4 weeks old.. think I could take a photo of me and him in my hands like that?? welcome to BFS
Mrs. Sombra
BFS Teacher