Thursday, August 7, 2008

Enjoying What God Has Given Me

Why is it when you are pregnant the days just drag on and time seems to just go soooo slow? Then as soon as you have the baby time flies by so fast and your praying for it to slow down again.
Finley is now a week old. I can't even remember where the week went. I'm sure it had to do with all the pill popping I've been doing. Where did the time go? Her cord fell off today, either that or Landen pulled it off.
Just trying to keep the kids hands off of her is a full time job. Landen and Farrah are all over her. At least Landen didn't bite her toe like he did the day Farrah came home from the hospital just to see her cry.
I'm enjoying every minute of being a new mommy again. It doesn't matter if it's your first or your fifth it's just as amazing. I love just holding her and taking it all in. She's so small and I just want these days to last. It's also been a really rough recovery this time around.
With this c-section I had a lot of scar tissue which made it hard for the doctor to get Finley out. I had a lot of bleeding and there was a lot of tugging and pulling which left me bruised and swollen everywhere from my stomach down. I also developed a hematoma from it. They couldn't remove my staples because of all the swelling I had, they were afraid the incision would open. This added more pain to an already painful surgery. The first night they were afraid my kidneys were failing which was scary.
The morning after surgery the doctor came in my room to talk with Justin and I. She informed us that this was our last baby. It would be too life threatening to me to have another baby. We talked about being done but didn't want to do anything permanent just yet. We are both still young and weren't 100% sure. We always talked about maybe having six children if it was God's will. I'm so happy and blessed to have five healthy babies and I thank God for each of them. I think this is God's way of saying your done Bridget enjoy what you have. So I am.


Marie Lanathoua said...

My name is Marie and I am a friend of Kadi Prescott (her brother-in-laws sister~~Gilbert) You have a beautiful family, Kadi spoke of you in her blog so I peeked..... God has truely blessed you, you have a beautiful family. Congratulations...


The Tello Family said...

I'm sorry that you're having a rough time healing wise. I will be praying for you. I know what you mean about the days just FLYING by once the baby is here. They grow SO fast ;) You are so blessed to have the five beautiful children that you do. You are an amazing Mommy and an inspiration!! xoxo

Sarah said...

Ugh, Bridget ... what a scary couple of things surrounding Finley's birth. Yikes. That, combined with the thought that Finley is your last baby, make these days all the more precious.

I'm praying that you are able to savor these moments ... to just take it all in and enjoy each morsel!!

fairyluver said...

How hard this week was for you, I hope that as the day's pass your recovery will become easier. You are so insperational and how you are able to take the news of Finley being your last little one. I wish you every happiness with each moment that passes. Enjoy your blessings and Congratulations again!

Andrea said...

I hope your healing continues to go well. I had lots of scar tissue with the last C-section and it took quite a while for the doc to get things together. Then I had soem unexpected BP issues afterward. The doctor didn't tell me, but we knew in our hearts that another pregnancy would be too dangerous.

I feel at peace with that, and I hope that will be in your future. When I was re-admitted to the hospital with a 5-day old and four others who needed me, I just couldn't imagine leaving them. Also, this last baby has been a handful!! There are many days when I tell myself "No way can I do this again!" :)

Take care and enjoy the squishy one!