Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Homeschool Mom. . . With Cute, Prada Shoes?!

At a homeschool convention this summer a mom of three came to our booth to talk, ask questions and share ideas. We talked about our kids, their learning styles, how our family homeschooled and also about curriculum. Another mom joined us. After a while we all admired the first mom's very cute shoes. "Thank you!" she said appreciatively, and added simply and honestly, "They're Prada." I blinked. To myself I thought: "I've never seen a homeschool mom wearing Prada shoes before!" My sense of surprise probably shows how easy it is (even for we who homeschool ourselves) to sterotype about homeschooling and who homeschoolers tend to be. But the truth is that families from all different backgrounds, countries, and walks of life homeschool their kids. No matter what we have or don't have, no matter how we homeschool, we need each other. The desire to teach and our love for our children and for learning is what makes a homeschooler -- not what we wear, what we have, or how or where we do our homeschooling.

and 10 other things I've learned while homeschooling:

1.Not all home schoolers are nerds.

2.I do not have all the right answers , yet they are just a click away ! LOL

3.I can teach math after all.

4.Science experiments REALLY do require adult supervision!

5.It's ok if my 6 year old corrects my spelling on the grocery list. It's a good thing!

6.It's fun looking at all the learning material out there. I didn't realize I could spend more money on books than clothes or shoes.
Can anyone say addiction?

7.I'm ok with "sheltering" my children.

8.Bribery has it's advantages, it gets things done.

9.We have met so many nice families through home schooling and I was surprised at all the wonderful support groups out there.

10.I really love being a mom AND a teacher. Even though I was the beginning, I now know that this is what I'm supposed to do. I can't imagine my life if I wasn't home schooling my kids. I'm SO blessed!


Adrienne said...

Nice post! I echo your addiction to books....I didn't know they could be so intoxicating!

Adrienne from TheologicalKids

Susan said...

addiction, yes, i can say that :O)

i think it's one of my downfalls! who knew there were so many great options just for spelling alone! the hardest subjects for me to choose are reading and art. so many books and cool art assignments, and so little time!

love, susan

Sarah said...

I like to call it "positive reinforcement," rather than bribery. hee hee!!
You are doing an awesome job as homeschool mom ... thanks for sharing your journey!

Alexis said...

It is amazing how we don't want to be stereotyped but we stereotype, hey? I most likely would have been just as shocked if a homeschooler mom told me she was wearing Prada shoes as well....but maybe that's just the frugality in me ;)