Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm mixing things up a little this year. I am going out side the box and doing a lot of my own curriculum. I am using My Father's World as our main source but am branching out to keep it fun and interesting for all of us. I recently was introduced to "life learning." At first I thought there was no way it would work for our family. Being that I was raised in goverment schools it is hard to break that mind set. Life learning is a self directed way of learning. I plan on doing a lot of life learning this year too. I really want to get to know my children and what they are interested in. That way I can gear them in what they like. Don't get me wrong we will still be using plenty of curriculum. I am not that relaxed and am to afraid to let go of the text books. I need direction and schedules and so do my kids. What are your thoughts on "Life Learning" Do any of you take this approach on teaching your children?


Stacie said...

We do a little bit of life learning. Unschooling. Child-directed learning. It has many names. We're not radical by any means. I can't let go of all textbooks, but we are very relaxed and follow our interests.

I have a nine year old son too. And he's as handsome as yours too! :-)

eclectic education said...

Hope you have a good year! :)


A family of boys said...

I've been slowly trying to peel away the public school teacher that I was for so many years. We still have our curriculum that we follow, but we do a lot of learning through interests. (right now that means legos).

Karla said...

I am a homeschooling mom from the northeast who has enjoyed your blog for a few months now. Thank you for reminding me to enjoy my kids while they are still here. (They are 10, 8, and 4.)

I have never done "life learning," but it sounds wonderful. I hope I can listen to my kids better this year and not be quite so tied to the books.

Anonymous said...

I've also been blessed reading about your home school for a few months now. Your kids are adorable.

I was linked through my friend Laura's blog who is beginning her home school journey this year.

My son who is ten years old learns all day long. He talks my ear off about anything he has soaked up. He loves documentaries,Audio CD's, and the library.

Yet, I have to go by a text book with certain subjects that are challenging. But History,Science, Bible, Art, and Geography, are special and memorable.


P.S.Blessings on your Home School this year.

Sarah said...

My kids are still really young, but as we've just begun to delve into the curriculum, I'm realizing that my kids have already learned SO much! (for example, my 4 year old already knows a TON of 1st grade math!) So I guess that's life learning, huh?!

As for me, I'm learning that it doesn't take a whole lot of sit-down-and-focus time for my kids to be learning a TON!

I'm glad you're a few steps ahead of me ... I'll just watch and learn from you! :)