Monday, March 31, 2008


Dancing with my kids is one of my favorite things to do. We all laugh together. We can be silly or we can dance slow and cuddle. This is something I started doing when my first born was just a few days old. When my children are grown, I suspect the fondest memories of their mom will be the times that I danced with them. Last night we were due for a dance session. The moment was right. All the curtains were shut. I put some music on and cranked up the volume. Landen's mouth dropped open as he watched his mother cut loose. (mind you I'm big and pregnant) LOL...They think it is funny to see mom act so silly. I love just watching them giggle at me.

In fact alot of days I put on worship music while the kids are doing their chores and getting ready to start our school day. I love seeing everyone sing their hearts out to the Lord. It's such a great way to start our day.

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Laura said...

I love doing this with my kids too. It makes for some great memories and laughing together really does lift spirits high. Another favorite is slow dancing in the kitchen with my husband. :)