Thursday, March 27, 2008

My child will never.........

Never say never! As the saying goes, if I had a dollar... well let's just say For every "(My child will never)......." comment I have made and then broken I'd be rich!

I am starting to realize that every child is different and you never know what you will result to just to survive the day. For example my two older children were easy going and well behaved. Now my third well let's just say I often wonder what God has in store for such a strong willed child.
I sometimes think Landen is a payback... an excruciating, unforgiving and perhaps deserved payback for my mothering judgments. HA..I love him but ahhhh! I pray all the time, " God I learned my lesson, I will not judge again. Now please let Landen behave!" A lot of my self-righteous opinions began well before my first child was born. I was a young naive mom who didn't have a clue. I was the mom who's child was going to wear name brand clothes eat homemade organic food, always be neat and clean and use their manners. After having Austin and Faith I waited 4yrs before having Landen. I always thought motherhood was easy and how could mom's let their kids act like that or go out of the house looking like that. Well, that was until my sweet Landen was born. I will try to NEVER judge a mom for how they raise they kids again!
Here are some of My child will never.....

My child will never be seen in public in just a diaper........ until of course they pooped up their back and I had no more change of clothes in my diaper bag.

My child will never have a crusty nose... died after Faith had such a bad cold and runny nose that it just kept running and running. Who can further torture their child and their raw red nose with the constant wiping?

My child will never be the kid who bites other kids in Sunday I get paged out of church almost every Sunday and have to carry hot sauce in my diaper bag to squirt in Landen's mouth.

My child will never eat pizza, french fries, sweets etc...... HA! what was I thinking??? My 11 month old eats just about all of that.

My child will never eat in the car..........Well anyone who has seen the inside of my car knows this rule was broken. In order to keep my sanity while driving they do eat in the car!

My CAR will never smell......Until I realized how easy it is to forget about the bottle left under the seat or opps mommy I spilled my vanilla steamer.

My child will never wear cartoon shirts, shoes etc....... after number three, you don't care as long as they are dressed.

My child will never be homeschooled... Look at me know, I love it so much I blog about it:)

My child will never watch t.v. for hours a, it's go ahead honey watch animal planet for the 3rd hour in a row! Your learning right?? Somedays mom needs a break with free babysitting.

My child will never wear a leash........ Now I love my leash it has saved my two year old from getting hit by cars many times. Try chasing him pregnant with a 10 month old in your arms.

My child will never get yelled at by me in I just scream, "Knock it off now or I will pull down your pants right here and spank you and I don't care who's watching!"

My child will never scream in public like he not only screams but is on the floor screaming and kicking.

My child will never use a pacifier.... now I use the pacifier after it fell on the floor.

My child will never have a messy long as the rest of the house looks somewhat in order who cares what their rooms look like. Let them have fun and play.

This are just a couple of the one's I can think of. Now that my sister is about to have her first baby I strongly warn her not to be judgmental of me or other mom's because she just might have a sweet baby boy just like Landen:)

Call me crazy, but I'd rather raise my kids in a happy, loving household with Dora on the tv and Cheerios on the dinner table than to have them grow up in the presence of an uptight, judgmental mom with her constant eye rolling and shoulders up to her ears.
I am doing the best I can as a mom and I love my children everyday!

What are some of your, "My child will never..." and then broke them???? I'd like to hear.


Sarah said...

Ha Ha Ha!! I am cracking up at these! I was SO the same way! Except our second child was the crazy one (at least I'm hoping so - hoping it's not the fourth, about to be born, and I just thought #2 was a handful!!) ...
Anyway, here's one of mine ... My child will never fart in public. Now my 5 year old - daughter, mind you, - has man-farts, and can produce them on command, then always laughs hysterically. I'm mortified! (but often cracking up on the inside, still!)

zeb4missy said...

LOL!!! Remember I am Toby's mom, but I had Zoe for four years before him, and I thought everyone else had the parenting thing wrong...

I used to say that I would never spank my children, timeouts only, lol...

And, I will never deny my children their choices in after school activities, they can do what ever their heart is set on, and I will drive them to wherever and pay for it, no matter the cost, and not complain, HA!!! I just yanked Zoe out of a dance class that was too competitive, too expensive, and I was driving all around town. Now, I just keep it limited and affordable.

Oh and I swore when I had a boy that I would not let him pick his nose, or have smelly boy feet/ breath.

4kidscrazy said...

I love the "I will NEVER'S" my sis in law said that about pacifiers at her baby shower and her 3 yr old had one. I used to always say I would never let my kids leave the house looking like they were homeless. Marissa would have a Gap outfit with matching hat and blanket, socks, pacifier and burp rag. Now Grace runs around with no shoes in a bikini and church skirt and i just laugh. I got what I deserved. I was so out of touch when I had my first kids i thought i had it all together i would leave with kids in matching outfits and vacum my way out of my perfectly clean house (now justin wonders what happened to those days). Now we are about letting our kids know that yes appearence is important and on sundays when mom chases you around the house with the brush and qtips that we should look good but i am NOT gonna kill myself over matching and name brand anymore. well maybe on holidays and for pictures and family gatherings......

The Oakes Family Zoo said...

My #1 is much Like your #3. She is so strong willed..and at the end of the day I am sooo tired; too tired to even think about making #2. I swore that my little bundle of joy would never taste junk food. I really thought I could enforce this....I was such a sheltered "new mommy"..