Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Most Annoying Moments

Okay, there are several but this is one that I get alot.

I was sitting with another hs mom today. We were talking about how any time it comes up that we homeschool, we brace ourselves. The most popular response from strangers is "Oh, I could never do that. I don't have the patience." Now, this is not the worst response.

Then it is usually followed by the "Why? What's wrong with the school in your area?" Or what I find MOST ANNOYING... if you can imagine it, is when people actually QUIZ my kids. They look at them and say something like "Oh, really?? Well, who wrote The Gettysburg Address and in what year?" Ohmygosh. I don't run around quizzing other people's children. I don't quiz their parents either. But it constantly astounds me how many strangers feel that giving my children pop-quizzes if fair game. It's so tacky and rude. That's the worst for me.

I love homeschooling. My kids don't have it easy when it comes to what they are learning and we don't skip stuff either. We work hard.

Today was the first day of SAT 9. I have to admit this being my first year I was a little nervous and didn't know what to expect. Did I prepare my kids enough??? After I picked them up I asked, "Sooooooooo, how was testing?" They said so easy mom! Whewwww! I'll see when the results come, but I think were gonna be just fine.

Lesson for today: If someone says they homeschool, just say, "That's nice!" or "Well, good for you!" or even just "Have a great day in school."

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Aimie said...

You just have to remember they are probably scared of you. You are one of the few women in this world who has her act together, great husband, awesome marriage, wonderful children AND YOU LOVE TO BE WITH THEM!You have a strong faith, loving family, incredible drive to give your kids the most enriching life possibe that has nothing to do with money. I bet they just are playing on a totally different life field than you are. Some women can't do or handle all that you do and maybe they shouldn't even be parents. Then they see you, and you are more than they could ever be...you are a mom.;)