Friday, March 7, 2008

California Apellate Court ruling concerning homeschooling

I've been getting emails and calls on this: this is from Western Christian ISP (which we belong to)
By now you have likely seen a newspaper article, or heard a news story about the recent California Apellate Court ruling concerning homeschooling -- if not, the info below summarizes it.

CHEA (the Christian Home Educators Association of California) is advocating a don't panic, PRAY, but keep doing what you're doing approach to this situation (the link to their statement follows as well). At this point, the California Education Code has not CHANGED, California state law has not changed, and those laws and provisions in the code, by which we have, for many, many years, homeschooled with the understanding that we were (and are) in compliance with the exemptions for private schools, have not changed. They have been interpreted differently by this Court, and there may be future implications -- but for now, CONTINUE WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

DO NOT PANIC -- at this point, we need to PRAY, and we need to follow the lead of the major homeschooling organizations so that we present a united front. Now, more than ever, we need to have the image of a well-educated, responsible, reasonable, competent group of Parent-Educators!

PRAY and PRAY and PRAY and PRAY --- spiritual warfare is being fought here, along with political power and
parental and personal rights issues ---- it needs to be resolved expediently . . .

We love you - and we will do everything we can do to keep you informed -- but please take the responsibility on yourself as well, and visit the HSLDA website frequently for the next few days/weeks . . . if anything changes, or any further action needs to be taken, we'll let you know.

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