Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy to be home

We just got home from the hospital. Farrah is doing so much better and is happy to be home playing with her brothers and sister again.
The kids made little welcome home Farrah posters.
We all sat down for lunch and I asked the kids how everything went, what they did etc. Faith right away says, well Austin called me the "F" word. I said, "WHAT!" I leave for a couple of days and this is what happens???? My kids learn the "F" word.
Faith continued to tell me what he said, "mommy he said I was artsy (then she whispers in my ear(Fartsy). Ok, I can handle that "F" word. I thank God my kids are so innocent at times.
On Tuesday we had planned to go to San Diego and camp at campland for a couple of days. We had a field trip planned at Sea World and a museum trip planned also. We were excited to have a fun week away. We were all packed when I noticed Farrah was weezing really bad. I took her in to urgent care and ended up being transported by ambulance to the hospital. Her oxygen level was really low. Needless to say the kids were bumbed.

We are all begging daddy to take us soon, now that Farrah is feeling better.
Thank you to everyone for their prayers. Thanks to all who helped watch the kids and thank you for letting me come home to a clean house!

I have the best family and friends.

Farrah in her tent (not happy!)


Aimie said...

Welcome home Farrah! So glad you are better. Now maybe mommy and daddy can rest a little bit. How is the littlest Ryan after all of this?

Laura said...

I love your kids' innocence!! Rejoicing with you that you and your baby are home.