Monday, January 14, 2008

History Lesson

Today in class (well at the park) we learned about George Washington made tricorn hats and danced around to Yankee Doodle. I can see why some home schoolers get a bad name LOL.. if you would of seen us at the park today you would of thought we were a little wierd!

Landen was mad I didn't bring enough construction paper to make him a hat... so I gave him the sleeve to my coffee and told him that could be his hat. As you can tell he isn't to thrilled.


Jo Jo said...

Again, Landon has been the reason for me looking like an idiot laughing out loud at my computer! That picture is hilarious! Poor little guy, okay I am still laughing! Nice try Bridget.

:corinne: said...

Such a great way to teach your children about our founding fathers who made our country what it is today! Kudos to you girlfriend! I hope all is well!