Monday, January 7, 2008

Back to School

Today was our first day back to school after our Christmas break. It feels good to be back into routine again. My kids need structure and so do I. We are still studying the names of Jesus. This week the name is Jesus the Rock. We will be doing many activites to do with rocks. We all just threw on a hat and started the day with a drive up to mt. baldy and had some breakfast then went to a park with big rocks to do our bible study we were having alot of fun and we just ended up doing all of our school work at the park!

My teaching started something like this, "Did you know that the Bible calls Jesus a Rock?" Of course He isn't a real rock , like the ones we are sitting on and looking at, but how is he similar to a huge rock?"
They awnsered back with : Strong, can't be pushed around, isn't going to be bothered by the wind or (distractions)etc.
We read Matt. 7:24-27 about a man who built his house upon a rock.
I finished by making sure they understood that Jesus is the Rock. If you listen to Him and obey Him, you are building your house (your life) on the Rock. If you are silly and build you life upon sand (your life, your way) When storms or (problems) come, their house (life) falls apart.
In Science we are studying Compositions of the Earth and talking more about rocks!
In history we are studying Benjamin Franklin and making Poor Richard's Almanack. We will finish our week with a trip to the local newspaper.

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