Friday, January 4, 2008


Ok, I admit it, today was a nice calm peaceful day. My grandparents had the other three kids for the night and I only had Farrah. I slept in till around 9a.m. and woke up to a quiet house. Watched a little t.v. then went to Barnes and Noble and walked around with only one child (asleep in the stroller) browsing the books and sipping my latte. Just letting my mind wonder and enjoying my time. I even had a couple of people come up and say what a cute precious sleeping baby. No rude comments today! I looked like I had it all under control. If they only knew how our past visits to the bookstore went. It was nice to shop without playing referee to the other kids..... Thank you grandma and grandpa!
For a slight moment I thought this would be nice. I could put the kids in school and Landen could start preschool and I could have more times like this. Time to myself.........But selfish could I be??? I quickly reminded myself home schooling is just for a season that will pass very fast and oh how I will miss these days with my little ones when they are gone. Don't get me wrong home schooling can be difficult and I can be tempted with days like today but I wouldn't trade our time together for anything in the world. I love home schooling them and watching them learn and grow. That's why we have kids right??? To spend time with them??? And when I need a break I know grandma and grandpa are only about 5 minutes away!

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