Friday, January 11, 2008

Confessions of a home school mom

This blog may seem like I have it all together, but in all reality I am just learning as I go and making many mistakes along the way on my journey through motherhood.

Confession #1 Homeschooling is one of the hardest things I have ever done. Some days I dream of being able to put my kids on that yellow school bus and send them on there merry way. Then I would come inside and scrapbook, keep my house spotlessly clean and cook amazing meals. I would have lunches with girlfriends, take naps everyday and work out all the time. In reality I know I am blessed to have the privilege of educating my children; it's just sometimes it doesn't feel much like a privilege.

Confession #2: I am a people-pleaser...big-time. I worry too much about what others think.

Confession#3: I took up a new sport at the club (tennis) and I am jealous of all the skinny girls in cute little skirts. I tear up sometimes as i waddle around and try and hit the ball.

Confession#4: I get cravings late at night and beg my husband to go get whatever it is i want and he does but when he gets back im already asleep(what a mean wife) This has happened more than once and he still goes out and gets whatever I want:)

Confession#5: We went morman van shopping a couple weeks ago but i couldn't bring myself to get out of the car. I like my car to much to trade it in just yet

Confession#6: My husband and I often talk about adopting more children in the future

Confession#7:I never changed a diaper before Austin was born and I look back and am surprised he made it through his first year of life considering i was a teen mom

Confession#8:I bribe my kids (alot)

Confession#9:My husband and I make bets with eachother the last bet he lost and had to take a month of ballroom dancing lessons with me (which he was actually really good at..don't tell him i told you)

Confession#10:Sometimes when teaching my kids I have to stop and tell them I will be right back so I can read it over and make sure I know what I'm talking about.

Confession#11:I am only one day smarter than my kids. I look over the lesson the night before and pretend I know all about the subject when teaching them the next day

Confession#12:I am happy my sister is pregnant with me so I won't be the only fat one at the family bbq's this summer

Confession#13:I got stuck in an underground parking lot and have ran over many carts curbs and cars..yes cars with my hummer

Confession#14: My kids go to school one day a week and I can't get them there on time

Confession#15:Some nights I don't sleep at all I stay up all night. (to many things on my mind)

Confession#16:I have scary nightmares I won't be able to take care of 5 kids

Confession#17:I think my kids pediatrician looks like Dr. Mc Dreamy and my kids call him that (so embarassing) they don't even know his real name. He's very quiet and just smiles at me know. Now I feel weird around him.

Confession#18:My husband and I have been married 8 years and have moved 10 times

Confession#19:Im actually excited to go to the Hannah Montana concert

Confession#20:I almost cried when no one wished me a happy birhtday on my myspace page I really thought no one liked me... but then realized i never posted my birthday to show. LOL im such a dork.

Confession#21:I throw away too much Tupperware. I open the fridge, see something green and icky in some Tupperware, and thank God for the odor-containing-stay-fresh-seal while I chuck it in the trash.

Confession#22:Before someone comes to visit I do a major "crap sweep" — which involves chucking everything that's been bugging me lately into the hall closet.

Confession#23: We moved into a smaller house and I swore I could keep it clean. Monday I begged my house cleaner to come over and clean so my husband thought I spent all day cleaning.

Confession#24:I saw a mouse in our house today ewwwwww. I screamed so loud I scared the kids.

Confession#25:I dream of being friends with Britney Spears I took her to church and shared Jesus with her. (preg dreams taleah?)

Confession#26:I ran out of diapers while out shopping the other day and just dropped the log in the toliet and put the diaper right back on Landen.

Confession#27:I go to the gym and put all the kids in daycare and sit by the pool and read. Somedays I don't even work out!

Confession#28:I cooked for the family but couldn't eat it myself so I ordered takeout

Confession#29: The last few weeks my husband has done everything because I am so lazy!

Confession#30:My husband is making dinner while I sit on my butt and type this.


Jo Jo said...

Confessions are my favorite! I had so much fun reading yours. I actually laughed out loud reading the one about Landen's diaper! Thanks for posting those. P.S. Maybe we should go stalk Britney and see if she'll be friends with us. We can't look that scary, we're both pregnant! Just a thought...

Kadi Prescott said...

Hey. My kids go to school and I still don't have time to work out, keep my house spotless and all that other crap that you think I should be doing!! Either I am a huge lazy butt or you have unrealistic expectations for a mother with two little ones at home (Or three, counting the new baby boy. Yes, I think he's a boy.)
Your confessions are safe with me! Love ya~Kadi

Julie said...

I love your confessions. You must have something together cause you have awesome children. Can't wait for Hannah Montana and happy late birthday... Better late then never... Right?? Miss you guys!

heatherstar314 said...

You just crack me up! It's nice to know that you aren't as perfect as I imagine you to be ;) Totally love your confessions! Especially about the gym, we always joke that we take the kids to the gym just so we can get some quiet time! And I do like you I just don't happen to know when your b-day is, so Happy Belated Birthday!!

Phil & Sarah said...

Ha Ha! Phew! That's all I have to say!! SO glad to know I'm not the only one ...
By the way, IKEA has free childcare for an hour ... kids have to be potty trained. Hmmm. Can Landen fake it for an hour?? :)