Saturday, October 13, 2007

My little TA's (teacher assistants)

My children are with me all the time and know how forget I can be. With a thousand things on my mind, I sometimes ask them to help me remember. For example, Next Wednesday is Faith's potluck dinner and I signed up to bring finger foods. I told her to please remind me to write it down when we get home so I won't forget. Yesterday they kept reminding me of things. They must think I can't function without them.
Austin is my personal clock. He is always letting me know what time it is and how late we are. Like yesterday, the kids attended Friday school and he informed me, "Mom we should leave now, it takes over 20 min to get to school and it takes you at least 5 minutes to load and unload all your kids, which means you should allow yourself a good half hour." Thank you Austin!
Yesterday's friendly reminders from my kids:
Austin: Did you call the eye doctor for Faith yet?
Faith: Did you rsvp for Tyler's party yet?
Austin: (after changing Landen's diaper) (whole other story) you shouldn't give Landen corn.
Austin: remember mom its grandmas bday today
Faith: Did you sew the badges on my uniform yet?
Austin: Check the tracking number for the books you ordered.
Faith: Were out of vitimins, you need to get them refilled.
Austin: Don't forget were out at 12:00 allow yourself plenty of time to park and unload the kids.
And my favorite:
Austin: Mom the orange light is on, please get gas while your out so dad doesn't have to come rescue us again!

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