Wednesday, October 3, 2007


When my kids attended private christian school they had some of the best teachers...who we miss terribly. Being that my kids had such wonderful teachers, I was able to pick up on some of their creative ideas. For example a money system. We use fake money at home for chores or if the kids do something good etc. They earn money. We have what we call store day on Friday's. With the money they earn they get to go shopping in things I pick up or save from their happy meals. They also get money taken away if they are bad or their rooms are messy etc. It really works very well for my kids...Thanks to Mrs. Razo. Also we play a game called "Complements". Another idea from Mrs. Razo. When we are out in public if the kids get a complement they earn a dollar. Sometimes Faith is a little "kiss up" and will give a complement to someone like, "Your dress is very pretty today." Just to have the lady say, " oh, what a sweet little girl you are." Then turn to me and say, "complement!" She knows how to work the system.
Being that this is my blog, I am entitled to brag right? I often try to observe my kids as though I have never met them. I see young people who walk around with their heads held high, look adults in the eyes while talking to them and listen attentively while conversing in complete sentences. They recongnize their surroundings and take responsibility for today when I walked into the kitchen to see Austin emptying the trash because it was full instead of walking away. No, it wasn't on his list of chores but he saw it needed to be done and just did it. I did give him a "complement" as well as $3 in school money! I am so proud of the countless times I have received compliments from other adults who are astounded at how polite, well mannered my kids can be. Now if only I could get a dollar for every compliment I get or teach Landen the money system!

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