Wednesday, October 3, 2007

In Training...

With his dinosaur shirt and dinosaur hat on Austin ran into excited to finally be a jr. paleontologist! He has waited to take this class for 2 years now and is finally old enough. (After begging him to leave his dinosaur fanny pack in the car.) LOL. I dropped him off... He will be taking this class every Monday for the next four weeks. The class is offered at Webb Schools. He will be learing about paleontology and how real fossils detectives do their jobs. Each week, they will learn about different ways that paleontologists work with fossils-from discovering them to prepairing them in the lab and piecing together their clues to learn about ancient life. They will do several arts and crafts and best of all they will even get to chizzle away at a real fossil.
His favorite part is the "behind the scenes" tour of the Raymond M. Alf Paleontology Museum. Which Austin has visited many, many times before.

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