Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I Guess they do listen (sometimes)

Yesterday we went to the park to finish our work after Faith's horse lessons. The kids were playing as I was busy writing out bills when I over heard Austin yelling "Captian of the waves we are-- kings of the sea. Warriors bold and cold, forever the sea we roam." I almost started crying,(because I was laughing so hard) and because last week in history, we made a time line and talked about a man named Leif Ericsson and the Vikings. He was acting out the part of Leif Ericsson. I think I am getting through to them. Just maybe they are listening to me.

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Art & Sheri said...

Austin makes a great Viking - so masterful and smart!! I love the picture of him pointing towards the horizon as he sails away!
Having your kids remind you of things is great! I just write the things I have to remember down, but then if I lose the paper with my list - I'm in big trouble. I make "to do" lists at work which help, but I have about 4 of them now and keep having to check to be sure I'm keeping up. I'd much rather have Austin or Faith remind me!
We are supposed to be leaving for Glamis tomorrow, but Grandpa is catching a cold and feels bad - not sure if we are going or not now. We'll have to wait to see how he feels in the morning. If we don't go, I'm hoping he'll feel good enough to make Austin's football game. Take care - we love you guys! Grandma Ryan