Monday, October 8, 2007

Left in the dust...

That's where they left me, in the dust... Try pushing a double stroller up a dirt hill with two kids in it. Not fun! Although Landen enjoyed the bumpy ride! Once we reached the top of the hill I quickly put the brakes on the stroller so Farrah wouldn't go flying back down the hill. As I bent down to lock the wheels BAM! Landen hits me in the side of the head with a stick (his gun).

Landen with his "gun" (after this pic i got rid of it)

Other than that we had a very fun time on our field trip to Rileys Farm. We went back in time and got to experience civil war camp life, workshops, Victorian etiquette and we even ate what the soldiers ate back then. Our lunch included hard tack, beef jerkey, cheese, and an apple straight from the tree.

Austin has been shot in the leg...they learn what soldiers did when they got hurt in battle.

Landen thinks Austin is really hurt..look how worried he looks. He gave him a hug right before they amputated his leg

Some whisky for the pain

A fun place to visit check it

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