Thursday, October 4, 2007

Art the Artist

this was the kids favorite painting "Drop your nets and follow me"

Today we did things a little different. We ventured out early for the day. I took the kids to breakfast and then to the park to do school. It's nice to do school when Landen can play and run around and Farrah can enjoy the outside. We had dentist appointments that kind of threw off our normal school hours. So I decided to change our routine. On our way to the park I noticed a man who had his garage and driveway full of paintings. I thought after we were done with our work we would take a walk over to look at them. Hey, it could be our "art" lesson for the day.
As we walked up to the house we saw such beautiful paintings. The kids asked questions and the man was happy to awnser them. He introduced himself as God's favorite. He was a man with a great sense of humor. His name was Art (go figure). He sat and talked to the kids for a good half hour telling them what each painting was and the meaning behind it. He was 85 but looked to be in his 60's he was full of interesting stories. He use to work for Walt Disney and is a retired doctor. We not only got an art lesson today we got a bible and history lesson also. You can learn so much from older people if you just stop to listen to them sometimes. Oh... and because my camera is permanently stuck to my hand I even was able to take some pictures of some of his paintings.

Just one of his many stories....a picture of the house Art grew up in. His whole family lived in that small house. (pictured) hes the little boy sitting down. the house was torn down by andrew then him and his brothers built it again and it was recently ruined by katrina.

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Kadi Prescott said...

I love your blog title!!! Marlie wrote a note to me one time, and called me the "breast mom ever!"
Hey, it could be worse...
Keep up the awesome work! Love ya, Kadi