Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Famous Home schoolers

thought this was interesting:

George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
James Madison
John Quincy Adams
Abraham Lincoln
William Henry Harrison
Theodore F. Roosevelt

Patrick Henry [VA]
Charles Pickney III [SC]
Richard D. Spaight [NC]
William Livingston [NJ]
Richard Bassett [DE]

U.S. Senators and Congressmen
William S. Johnson [CT]
George Clymer [PA]
John Francis Mercer [MD]
William Blout [TN]
William Few [GA]

Blaise Pascal
Booker T. Washington
Thomas Edison
Benjamin Franklin
Andrew Carnegie
John Stuart Mill
Chief Justices of U.S. Supreme Court
John Rutledge
John Jay
John Marshall

College Presidents
John Witherspoon -- Yale
Timothy Dwight -- Princeton
William S. Johnson -- Columbia

Preachers / Missionaries
John & Charles Wesley
John Owen
Johnathon Edwards
William Carey
Dwight D. Moody
John Newton
Hudson Taylor

Mark Twain
George Bernard Shaw
Irving Berlin
Charles Dickens
C.S. Lewis

Charles Montesquieu

Famous Women
Abigail Adams
Mercy Warren
Martha Washington
Florence Nightingale
Phyllis Wheatley
Agatha Christie
Pearl S. Buck

"Stonewall" Jackson
Robert E. Lee
Douglas MacArthur
George Patton

John Singleton Copley
Andrew Wyeth
Rembrandt Peale
Claude Money
Ansel Adams

Anton Bruckner
Felix Mendelssohn
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Francis Poulenc
and many more.....

OH and Austin wanted to point out that Jason Taylor the tight end for the Miami Dolphins was home schooled.
Faith likes the fact that the tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams were also home schooled.

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