Thursday, May 13, 2010

Crazy Boys...

I know my blog may look like it's turning into a big advertisement ad. I'm sorry but someones got to help pay for diesel in this rig:)
I still plan on blogging like normal but will be adding in more giveaways and offering ad space. (only on companies I approve of, and I will give my honest opinion. Just because I am payed does not mean I will give a good review)
I've been contacted by many companies asking if they could advertise on my blog (who me?) Or companies asking to do a giveaway. (Cool, why not?!?) I'm learning that social media is the future of advertising. I have also contacted companies that I love (like Beary Basics) to promote on my blog as well. We are very thankful for the opportunities and are happy to help out companies if we can.
(so if you would be so kind as to click on ads on my sidebar) thankyouverymuch!
When I first started blogging it was a way to keep family up to date with our homeschooling. Then I started to enjoy blogging even more and turned it into a family scrapbook. Gave myself the nickname bloggin bridget and blogged about whatever came to mind... Little did I know I would end up meeting such amazing friends from my little blog...and then actually meeting up with some of them in person.
This blog is still a hobby of mine which I enjoy but it's also a way for us to help make ends meet on the road. I've been receiving several products in the mail. It's been fun! Last week we got this shirt from Crazy Dog Shirts that showed up at our p.o. box. LOL

A= adorable, D= delightful, H= huggable, D= darling

To be honest I don't approve of a lot of the shirts from Crazy Dog Shirts. However, my husband and I did laugh when we saw this. Perfect for our lil guy, don't ya' think?!

Landen is our "fun" child! As if you couldn't tell...

If you have been a follower of this blog you may remember a lot of the posts and pictures.

From day 1 he has always had that ......well special personality:)

Now that he's starting Kindergarten, will you please say and extra prayer for me? Ha!

He's so busy and can't sit still...constantly acting like he has ants in his pants. We will be doing a lot of our school work outdoors. Practicing our letters in the mud, things like that:)

I feel like ordering one of these shirts for my nephew Aven as well. He's almost 2 and is following in Landen's footsteps. Oh Lord, we stop right now and pray for those boys...

(I'll be praying for you Brianna! Make sure you have good insurance:))

My sister called me today and said I had to listen to this song by Brad Paisley.

She said it sounded so much like our crazy lil boys!

I cried and laughed as I listened to it......Gosh, I just love him!

Crazy Dog Shirt is giving away a free shirt to one of you. Remember, I am not fond of what some of their shirts say...however if you have a wild lil boy like my sister and I you may want to enter to win a shirt like they sent us......just for laughs!

All you have to do is leave a comment telling me of a good outdoor learning activity. I need all the advice and tips I can get!

If there is another t-shirt you would like just leave that in the comment section as well.

Winner will be picked next Thursday by my crazy lil man himself!

I know that God gave me crazy little Landen for a reason. As long as I take the time to mold him in the ways of the Lord he will be on fire! Can you imagine a personality like his on fire for the Lord? Watch out world:) God gave him that special personality and those cute dimples to be used for his glory, I just know it. I pray I can be the mama that will raise him up to be a mighty warrior for God's kingdom!


Kari said...

You are the perfect Mama for Landen (I don't know you but I can tell!)- and you are right on about just showing him the right way to go...children with an extra dose of energy and intellect are destined for great things if they have people in their lives to help them along the way - and love them unconditionally!

Serena said...

So cute! I think it's great that you have sponsors for your blog. You're good at what you do, so why not be rewarded. : )
My #3 is a ball of energy, too. I keep reminding myself that with good training and the grace of God, his personality and energy will be used for something great in the world. I'm sure Landen's will too.

Missy said...

My boys (5 and 2) really enjoy birdwatching. It's easy, you can get books from the library. Lots of different skills you can incorporate. They also run (fly) around pretending to be birds.

Anonymous said...

Aww, wahhhh(me crying). This song made me tear up and smile with my son's 1ST birthday coming up. Love it so I'm stealing it for my blog too. ;) ...I picture myself singing it though and not my husband. Let's just say, I hope he is more like my husband! Haha

Brianna said...

Well I can tell you what works for one crazy mother to another. I always give Aven a big bucket of water and paint brushes and rollers and let him "paint" on the concrete outside. We usually both end up soaking wet but its fun.

Anonymous said...

Cute! We like to learn with shadows! So we go out when its sunny and try to create letters with shadows.

Anonymous said...

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