Saturday, May 15, 2010

We just got back from dinner. As we waited for, "Ryan party of 7" to be called we watched a bunch of High School boys and girls walk in. We were waiting for a seat with an ocean view so we had some time to wait.
It was prom night, as we sat there Faith and I watched as the girls walked in. We did our fashion do's and don'ts.
Faith would say, "oh, her hair looks good down with that style dress or she should of worn a softer shade of lipstick with that color dress etc...." Then there came a point where I covered my boys eyes and stood there with my jaw hanging open. Call me old fashion but some of these girls were wearing dresses that barley covered their behinds. They had heels that looked as if they picked them up at a Vegas exotic dance shop. One girls dress was cut so low in the front that there was no way she could dance without having a replay of the famous Superbowl halftime show. These girls were trying to look 25! I just don't understand how their parents could let them walk out of the house! Did they have a cute age appropriate dress on then change in the limo? No! These parents really took pictures of their kids like this and thought it was ok? What were these boys mom's thinking as they stood next to a girl dressed as a stripper? I remember going to prom and everyone would come over and take pictures before we headed off. I don't know if that was back in the old days or what, but if my Grandparents ever saw me wearing something like that, they would of marched me straight back inside the house! Then gave my parents a talkin' too! What does the school say when they see these girls walking in like this? Is that really allowed?
My heart broke for these young girls! And boys! They are so young...It was a perfect learning experience for Faith. We talked about how to dress classy and not trashy. In fact, if any of my girls ever go to prom, we are bringing Daddy and Jesus with us when we go shopping....and if they both approve of the dress they can wear it.

This just breaks my heart even more. A dance team from OC.. These girls are Faith's age!

What is with parents?!?!


The Beaver Bunch said...

Watched the "Single Ladies" video. WOW. Although those little girls are SUPER talented, it's such a shame that their parents are willing to let them dance LIKE THAT to show their talent.

I'm thinking they could have gotten just as many cheers from the crowd doing an age appropriate dance w/ age appropriate clothing.

Sara said...

Oh my Bridget I completely agree with you. The video was shocking. It makes me so sad to think of girls not being treated as the beautiful treasures that they are... but this is totally the parents responsibility when kids are at this young of an age. Wow, I am in no hurry to see my 7 and 1 year old daughter grow up...


American Daze said...

As a Dad, and Grandparent,...NOT in my household!..Watched the video and can only say they are not doing those kids any favors. Exploitation being taught early. Unfortunately it was accepted by many and if not, YOU are considered the problem. Some comments called it ART?..Give me a break!
...What this generation allows...the next generation will embrace.


Marsha said...

Bridget...that video....omgosh! Seriously, I'm speechless! And you know it takes a lot for me to be that way! Unbelievable...sickening.....frightening....saddening...

Shannon said...

Prom was a couple of weeks ago here and I was shocked by the plunging necklines, plunging bootie areas, various body cut-out sections. I wore strapless for my proms in the late 80s, but they were still modest compared to what you see now. My boobs were covered and not hanging out all over. What is with this world?!!!

That youtube video was disgusting! What are parents thinking? Talented children with stupid parents... S-T-U-P-I-D... sorry, I just do not get what they think they are setting their little girls up for for their futures. And shouldn't that be against the law??? That was like child pornography LIVE. Serioiusly, I think that the parents should be arrested for allowing it and the dance studio, also. Imagine the perverts out their that are seeing that stuff. Makes me want to really puke. I am thinking on this too much now.... If a parent had their child do that type of performance at home in total privacy and they filmed it and posted it on youtube they would probably be getting a visit from CPS and have the children removed from the home. So, tell me what makes this okay that it is is a public location and labelled as a "dance competition performance"?! This is one crazy world. Give me some handcuffs and let me lock the parents up and give those kids to some real parents... Ughhhhh!@ I am fired up on that! {{Thanks Bridget ;) }}

Kristie said...

Oh that video is just sad!! And I made the mistake of reading the comments, seems that sick men get a sick enjoyment of this type of thing being posted online. Shame on the parents for allowing this, and WHO even thought this was OK to even come up w/ the routine/costumes??????

As for Prom, well, my kids will be attending the homeschool prom, and dress like that is NOT permitted!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

That video was SICK and WRONG! Yuck! It should be illegal to exploit children in that way.

I totally agree about the prom thing. But ... have you heard what happens AFTER they get to prom? The "dancing" is completely sexual and disgusting. Nope ... our kids don't go to prom (MUCH to the dismay of two of our sons this year).

So. So. Sad.

Sad memory ... 15 years ago, Jim and I were working with our church youth group. Daughter of the pastor was a beautiful young lady, about 5'11" probably. She came to a youth event wearing the skimpiest mini skirt. I was shocked. Then I heard her tell her friends, "I'm really not comfortable in this skirt, but my dad told me I should wear it. He said it looked good on me." Yes. Her dad was our Senior Pastor. Another church we attended, the senior pastor's daughters were some of the most immodest teens in the church. (I can only imagine what their prom dresses looked like.) So. So. Sad.

When will Believers take a stand for what they are allowing (and encouraging) their girls to wear. If Believers won't take a stand, how can we even think that non-Believers would be worried about it.

Turtle necks and corduroy jumpers for my girls. (JUST kidding ...)

Laurel :)

Valerie said...

Bridget, you are not old fashioned. You are right. It breaks my heart. Every time I see these young girls dressed like that, and every boy they date my heart breaks knowing the road they walk. It's like every adult knows whats going on, and we all nod in approval by allowing it all to happen. The video, I could not access. But if its the one I am thinking of, I have seen it and I just cried. My husband looked away, he said it was child pornography. And I believe it was. Where are the parents? Who is protecting these little ones? Although this is everywhere, it is one of the reasons we left California.

Courtney said...

I personally don't think anyone she dress that way at any age. These girls dress differently than when I went to school dances. They seem to want to "grow up" so fast, if only they knew. Some parents also just don't feel like fighting with them over the dress. It's just crazy.

The little girls, well it's just stupid and the parent's must be slacking in the common sense department.

Jennifer said...

I agree 100% with The Beaver Bunch, those girls are VERY talented, but could have shown their talent in a more appropriate dance/clothes. What's even sadder, is an ADULT taught them that dance and their parents dressed them!

My daughter's are 5 & 2 and have NEVER been in a bikini bathing suit and are not allowed to wear clothes that show their tummy. It is our way of teaching them from the gettco how to dress respectfully.

JenCoen said...

Thankfully in hs our parents were attentive enough to shop for classy dresses with us. I mean, really? Did we even have clevage back then? lol. I see too many girls now, even in Courtney's school that want 'smaller sizes' to cling to their bodies and be just a little too short (tops and bottoms). Girls in liquid black eye liner and mascara. I won't even let Courtney wear lipstick (she's stuck with good ol lip smackers chap stick. lol) The thing is, I actually *know some of these mothers. They are too busy with work, with social this that and the other, divorced or unhappy in marriage. I'm sorry, but I am a working mother and above anything I do being a mother to my kids is number one. And that means teaching them the difference between attractive and trashy, keeping them from having pedophiles look at them.
The little girls in the video (can obviously dance... did you see those pirouettes, wow!) but even as a HS Cheerleader we couldn't show our midriffs (for good reason)! How parents can reason with themselves that these 'costumes' are acceptable is truly beyond me. Did you read some of the comments! Thankfully, we are not the only ones who disagree with these little girls clothes.
Okay, I'm off my soapbox now. But thank you for bringing it up... I REFUSE to let my child dress inappropriately!

Taunya said...

Wow Bridget, I'm really sad to see that video...but not surprised.

We wonder why we Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, etc become trainwrecks as women yet promote sexualizing our girls younger and younger.

Yes, girls are really talented, but the clothing was horribly inappropriate.

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

I totally agree. My hubby and I had the wonderful opportunity, again, to chaperon the homeschool prom again. Their happen to be another prom there, and let me tell you, you could totally tell the difference. Amazing. My parents would NEVER let me walk out the door dressed like that. Our homeschool kids were amazing. The girls were ALL modestly dressed. Most wore long dresses, and those who didn't were still very modest.
As for the dancers, disgusting!! I would NEVER let my daughter dress like that, nor would she want to. Even if we have to get her a tankini bathing suit, she feels not modest and wears her swimshirt everytime. Believe me, I'd rather buy one piece suits, but she's super long and they go right up her tushy. :) Saddening.

carlisle clan conversation... said...

Oh my goodness, I totally agree! Last night while on date night the hubs and I stopped at a a gas station and I bawled in my car as I watched a teenage boy in a tux flash a smile at his date waiting in his truck because he just bought a condom! I am not naive that this happens and I know this is a different topic, but I assume they were also attending prom night. So very sad!

Becky said...

AMEN and AMEN. I have a little girl who just turned seven, and this has been on my mind and heart A LOT lately. I noticed what you noticed this prom season. So many low cut, too short dresses. And don't get me going on that video. I saw it earlier this week and it broke my heart. Those girls had such talent, and it was completely overshadowed by their tasteless costuming and choreography.

Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

when I saw this video I was disgusted!

I just think that parents are too complacent and relaxed about what their children wear!

We were at a homeschool conference yesterday and we got to listen to a session on courtship from a newly married young couple who had been married for 2 years and who had been committed to courtship!

The young lady said "I stand before you with a whole heart. Because I have never had my heart broken by a boy who dumped me. I do not know what it is like to need to be attractive to boys."

What a beautiful thing to have parents who gard their childrens hearts!

Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

Yes, this really is sad. We recently visited with some family members that were showing off prom pictures. My teenage boys didn't even want to see the pictures showing the back of the dress because it was so low cut! They were embarrassed!

My daughter and I did a Secret Keeper Girl study a few years ago and I highly recommend it! It was really helpful in showing my daughter WHY we discourage her from dressing in many of the popular "in" styles. We recently went shopping for bathing suits and that was an eye opener! Try finding a modest suit for a 13-year old girl. Not my idea of a fun time.:(

debbie said...

Oh! that we would be so in love with Jesus that we would not want to grieve the Holy Spirit by the way we live. We need to see everything through His eyes and the eternal perspective. We Christian moms and grandmoms need to set the standard which is given to us in God's word. True biblical beauty is found in the pages of scripture not on the covers of the magazines. Satan is ripping us off! The Bible tells us that since we believe the Lord is returning soon we should be living pure lives. Those of us who call Jesus Lord need to ask the Holy Spirit to lead us and guide us to live a life wholly pleasing to Him. We are to not be conformed to this world but should be allowing Him to transform us into His image. We should be bringing Him honor in all we say and do. That will include the way we dress and how we let our children dress. If we have failed in the past, He is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness if we confess. Never too late to begin!!

Bethany said...

Every time I see anything about that video, it just makes me absolutely shudder. Those girls are so young and impressionable and their outfits and dance moves... :( Just awful!

Jamie B said...

Hi Bridget,

I totally agree with you. I was raised by a my single dad, who was and still is very old fashioned. I didn't even own a pair of G-sting undies until I was in college. :) (HA! Probably little TMI). I nor my husband would NEVER EVER let our daughter (if we had one) step out of the house in some of these things we see out there today. My husband coaches High School Soccer and comes home almost daily floored by what these kids are doing, saying, and wearing. We just can't get over it, and yes, what are these parents thinking these days!?!? I do agree with 'some' of the comments regarding this video, but what's really really sad and sickening about this video is that it was posted by someone OTHER than one of these girls' parents, it's spreading like wildfire through out the internet world because of the attention that it has received via You Tube and the local news, and their parents can't do anything about it to stop it. These poor girls are not being exploited by their parents, they are being exploited by the sicko that posted it in the first place. These little girls were dancing for a dance competition (right wrong or indifferent), not for the internet. Everyone that was in that building watching all those teams perform were there for the same reason, to watch their kids. These poor young girls were not walking around on the streets for random people to see them; as the case with these ever dropping neck lines, and shorter and shorter shorts and skirts.

I post this with the upmost greatest respect. I love your blog, and I think you are an amazing mother. All your kids are very lucky to have you. You and your husband are adorable together, you make some beautiful babies, and I admire what your doing together for your kids. You are giving them an opportunity of a lifetime. I still can't get my head around how you do it with such grace though. LOL. And always look so good doing it. :) You are an amazing person of God.

May God bless you throughout the rest of your travels, continue doing what your doing, and thank you for sharing your adventures with us.