Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Orange We Cute Today?


The Beaver Bunch said...

Hey Bridg,

Okay, I have a question. You know I love you (Seriously, I do.) but I have an honest question.

Okay, a few posts ago you posted about Lime Ricki Swimwear and how modest it is (which, btw, I LOVE several of their suits). And today, you have your youngest two in bikinis (and they totally look precious).

But, here's my question. Are you okay w/ bikinis? If so now, when they are itty bitty, how about when they are 16 so itty bitty in areas?

This is a convo Luke and I have had on several occasions. We have decided that for US, letting our girls wear clothing now that would be inappropriate at 16 (or 14 or whenever their bodies become more shapely) is not okay. The reason being that it is hard to say, "Well honey, you could wear that last year because you didn't have such big boobs. But this year, it's inappropriate." or "Yes sweetie, you could wear short shorts as a little girl, but at 16 it looks too sexy."

You see what I mean? Please don't think I'm judging you. I am certainly not. I just want your take on the whole clothing/modesty issue and how much is too much and where is the cut off. Is it w/ age or body shape and do you train them now or wait until their curves are there?

Love you girl. (Oh and you can email me if you'd prefer to answer me that way, and avoid publishing this comment.) beaverbunch (at) gmail (dot) com.

The Gustafson Family said... that is Alison way of dressing for the beach! See Ms. Priss showed them the right way to play at the beach! cute!!

Anonymous said...

It seems like your family only plays at the ocean or other recreational activities, do you ever actually homeschool?

Amy said...

I think they are adorable! I also think it is too precious to see their little rolls:)

Bridget said...

Just because you don't see pictures of me using the bathroom, doesn't mean I don't go:)