Friday, March 12, 2010

Digging For Diamonds

Our visit to The Crater of Diamonds in Murfreesboro, Arkansas.

It's the only public place where you can dig for diamonds and learn about the history of diamond mines.

The world's only perfect diamond was found there too!

Diamond diggers find more than 600 diamonds each year of all colors and grades. You get to keep what you find.

So with this in mind......this little girl was determined to find her best friend!

with the help of her hard working brother....

Me with some professional diamond diggers...

I figured if we spread all of us out we would maybe find something ha!

There was a lot of ground to cover....

It was muddy so I made the kids wear yucky clothes and their snow boots LOL.

They worked hard all day....

No diamonds were found. We did find some different rocks and crystals though.
The little ones loved playing in the dirt anyway!
See you in the next state!


Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

Looks like it dried out quite a bit between our visit and yours! We also found a some neat rocks and crystals. Did you go through Hope, AK? We couldn't believe the travel trailers as far as the eye could see. FEMA, of course. Blessings!:)

Heather said...

Oh my gosh Tyler would love that!! He loves digging and collecting any rock that looks anything close to a crystal, lol! He thinks they are real! Shhhh don't tell him that they're not! Maybe we'll have to plan a trip to the Crater of Diamonds! Be safe! Miss you! <3


Shannon said...

My kids love digging in the dirt! We are going to have to go there one day when it is warm out. Too bad you didn't hit it rich! ;(

Diane said...

What a fun day for kids - digging. lol. Enjoying your adventures.

Melissa said...

Wow! Such neat excursions! I'm dying to visit some of these places. Thanks for sharing.