Thursday, March 25, 2010

Goodbye Red Glasses

I'm not happy to say that a fight broke out in the backseat of the car last night. Landen kicked Faith right between the eyes and broke her eyeglasses in half. You would of thought she broke her nose for the way she was crying. She wasn't crying because she was hurt, she was crying because her red glasses broke. Oh, no not the red glasses! Faith LOVES her red prescription glasses.
I personally am sick of the red glasses. They were cute at first but she has had them way too long. I tried to talk Faith into getting another color. Nope, she still wanted red ones. Faith refused to throw them away and wanted to wear them like this.

She does wears contacts, so we have those but we don't have a spare set of glasses for her. She asked if we could tape them. I told her no way she might as well write dork across her forehead too.
Daddy came to the rescue and super glued them together for her (just to wear around the house)
We ordered her new glasses online but until then, the super glue ones will have to do. Being that the glasses online are up to 70% off we will buy her a couple pairs. This way we won't have to deal with tape or superglue. Goodbye red glasses, hello new colorful collection.


Twisted Cinderella said...

Sorry her glasses broke! Good cal ln not taping them!

Sarah said...

Aw, poor Faith! Stinks her glasses broke!.
However,I am glad to know my car isn't the only car that has kicking and hitting fights breaking out in the backseat. ha!

Aleta said...

oh no! I love colored glasses too - you should check out I got two pairs for under $50!

The Clark Clan! said...

I found your blog through Lynette Kraft's blog. Can you tell me which posts I can read to learn more about your decision to go on the road and how you got started? I was just talking to my husband about buying an RV and living in it for a year to really become debt free. We lost our house a year ago and have one more year left on our lease in our rental. The possibilities are endless!
Thank you so much!


Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

Oh, sorry to hear about the glasses! They are so cute, but I understand how you can tire of them after seeing them day after day.

My daughter wears glasses and wanted some really dramatic black ones. They were cute, but my husband was thrilled when she needed a new presciption! LOL Goodbye black, hello blue!

I'll check out the online site you listed. Since she and I have the same prescription it would be kinda cool to have a whole eyeglass wardrobe!:)