Sunday, November 8, 2009

Melanoma Awareness

I have a link posted to my side bar for this family....(please help if you can with any information)

But as I prayed for this family and really thought about them my heart breaks and I feel that young girls need to know....
*I do not know Annie personally but she is a good friend of (a good friend of mine.)
*I am NOT saying this is how Annie got Melanoma.
I just think it needs to raise awareness!

I am one who LOVES to sport around a good tan. I am a "mutt" but have a large percent of Italian in me. I have an olive skin type that never burns and tans easily. I always thought I was safe. I grew up a river rat and loved the beach and laying out. (I even slapped on baby oil) YIKES! The young and dumb years!
In fact I worked in a Tanning Salon in High School and even went to conferences to learn about the business. At one point I even was going to open my own Tanning Salon. I was told they are "safe" by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
(just like everything else right?)
I think I started tanning at age 15. I would tan all the time. If fact all my friends, we would go tanning together. Being a cheerleader you automatically had a tanning pass.
I now stay VERY FAR away from them. I am sorry that I even stepped foot into them ALL those years! There are so many young girls who go tanning and don't know the risks of it. (like me) All I really thought was maybe I would get a few premature wrinkles, you know, nothing Botox couldn't fix..Kidding! (that's a whole other blog post!)
I now believe in SPRAY TANS! (idk, are those even safe?)

Please keep this family in prayer. Annie (28yr old new mommy)
She has 3 little boys. (ages 1wk, 1, and 3)
She was just diagnosed last week with Stage IV Melanoma. A day after finding out this news, Annie had to have an emergency c-section to delivery her baby boy 12 weeks early.

Cards, donations and care packages can be sent here:

Annie Leinen
c/o The Cody Family
2810 Parkway Dr
Martinez, Ca 94553

As for the sweet tiny baby (Colton) the family's facebook reads:

Update on Colton from a developmental psychologist at Stanford - He(colton) is beautiful and adorable. He was sleeping peacefully on his tummy. I moved him on to his back to get a better look at him, and while this can at times cause babies his age to become uncomfortable or to have a drop in his oxygen saturation, he stayed in a restful sleep and was breathing well.

To help raise money for medical expenses, food and travel for her family. Visit Busy Bee's
ALL proceeds will go to Annie Leinen and her family until Nov. 14!
So Hurry!!!
Busy Bee's offers fun and cute accessories for your little ones!!!

The Leinen Family Facebook page.


Simply Blessed said...

Thank you SO much for posting this Bridget!!! The more prayers, info and donations the better for them. And spreading awareness of course too! xoxo I really appreciate it, and I know she will too :)

ajnrileysmommy said...

will be praying...

Levi said...

Thank you SO much for the wonderful write up on my sister Annie Leinen.

Your artistic talent and kinds words express her situation wonderfully. Here story is amazing- if you search Annie Leinen on Facebook, you will see her profile photo is a picture of her WAKEBOARDING, and catching some nice air, just the summer before this one, while several months pregnant with their second child!

She has always been incredibly healthy and athletic. However, you are right, according to melanoma cancer research, excess exposure to the sun does create mutations in the cells of our skin, especially moles, that can turn into melanoma. Australia has one of the highest levels of occurrence. Any wonder Southern California is covered with leading melanoma cancer research centers?

Again, thank you for the kind posts to your blog, and by all means pass the word on that all young women ages 20-30 are in a high risk group and should take seriously any mole, beauty spot, or birth mark that enlarges or darkens in any way.

Annie would give anything to have known the risks ahead of time.



Annie Leinen Family

for more info an Annie's status we post updates to:

Bridget said...

Thank you Levi. Your right girls don't know the danger of it all. Thank you for putting her story out there. We are praying for your sister and your family!

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