Monday, November 16, 2009

Do I Have Them Trained Or What?

Good morning....
I'm sitting here sipping my coffee and eating some scrambled eggs in my pj's. (Because my slave child wonderful son went down to the lobby and got me coffee and breakfast)
Do I have them trained or do I have them trained? ha!
I'm telling you homeschool has more advantages than you think!

I am writing a letter of apology to the Director of Sales who's office is right next door to our room!

Dear Director of Sales,
I am sorry for the yelling you hear all day. Yes, I can switch off my tone of voice very fast. (yelling) KIDS BE QUIET AND DO YOUR WORK....(sweet voice) "oh thank you for the extra towels!"
I am sorry for the over flowing toilet last week when my daughter decided to flush over 10 pairs of socks down the toilet. I am also sorry for the hole in the couch the dog chewed.
Oh, I really do apologise for my 4yr old son hiding behind the curtain with his bare butt smashed up against the window. I couldn't find him and didn't realize he was mooning people outside.
Please tell the other guest we are very sorry.
The constant banging against the walls may sound like I'm beating my kids but it's just them jumping on the bed. (What can I say,they miss their trampoline) The loud music you hear is just my praise music trying to drowned out the kids crying. Also thank you for helping my son get my coffee the other day when he spilled it all over himself and the lobby carpet. He's fine now I had him run down to the local market and get burn cream. I couldn't go down with him, I was blogging.
It's so nice of you to be arranging a go away party for us. Or maybe it's a party for all of you because we are finally leaving!

Checking my email.... (this is real)

from the Director of sales here at the Hotel
Dear Bridget,

As for you and your babies I chuckle sometimes but not to worry I used to have my own childcare so I am used to the sound. We will miss your sweet family. I have to say though I do say a prayer for you everyday!

She's a very busy women she runs 3 hotels here on this street and for her to find time to pray for me everyday must mean I sound like I really need it! LOL(or maybe that isn't so funny)

Do I have them trained or do I have them trained?


Lauren said...

Hilarious! And the training bit gives me encouragement. My oldest is still just 3.5, so a lot of days I feel like we're still in the trenches. :)

Emily said...


How funny!!! I only hope that I can do half as good at being a full time Mom as I truly believe you do!

I have waited for this time for so long and we have done a MAJOR downsize and are 'stuffed' into this townhome with lots of critters?! I will be leaving a high pressure sales job after ten years and in a way I don't really know what to do with myself ~ if that makes any sense!

I'm scared about being the Mom I need to be and want to be and more importantly that God expects me to be ~ I have an almost 2 year old that is more head strong than I thought they would ever come? I know God doesn't make mistakes, but I question that I really have what it takes to train this little guy and identify what his bent is? I'm nervous and want so badly to raise a kind, compassionate, God fearing man but I feel so often like he's going to land in the youth detention center instead ~ YIKES, just being honest here!

Again, as always, thanks for the inspiration and for relating to all of us imperfect parents with imperfect children!!!


Shannon said...

I've been wondering just when you all are leaving and hitting the road. Can't wait to here about your adventures! And, at least, it was the dog that chewed the hole in the couch! ;)

Serena Musick said...

Too funny! I am laughing so hard. We too stayed in hotels for 3 weeks before hitting the road in our RV (we are sure the neighbors 2 spots down at the campground can hear us and the kids screaming, still). It's so stressful, yet comical, isn't it? We are so hard on ourselves! I had a rough day with ours during school today, I needed this laugh..I really did. Thank you for saying all the things that are true for me as well, we just feel so alone sometimes, don't we?

Tonya said...

Oh no! Did the dog really chew a hole in the couch? Our puppy has chewed wires, the ice container and scratched the new paint of the bathroom door when we were in a hotel, but the couch? My worst nightmare! Blessings on your journey from another FOTR!

I am blessed! said...

I feel like I spend a lot of time saying "Shhhh, there's no need to yell. I'm right here." With each child we've gotten noisier and noisier as a family. You kind of get used to it until you're in a conversation with another adult and can't follow a train of thought for all the noisy distractions. You're NOT the only ones:)

ajnrileysmommy said...

ummmm...i don't know if i appreciate the hearts on your kids pajamas. haha..jk. ok, maybe that was over the line. but seriously. funny post :)

Catherine Anne said...

Cute post

Bridget said...

Emily, I wonder the same thing about my 3rd child. If I don't shape him and train him in the way he should go he will end up in jail ha. He's so strong willed but I believe that if we shape them right they will be head strong for Jesus!